Jeremy Witte Prayer Letter: Northern Ontario Canada Ministry

Jeremy Witte Prayer Letter:  Northern Ontario Canada MinistryWinter is here in Northern Ontario. We have to allow more time for shoveling snow off the driveway of our house and the church walkway. As I see the snow, I think of the purity and holiness of our God in Heaven. The amazing thing is that we can be spiritually made pure and righteous the moment we get saved. We can also encourage others to come to Christ so they can go one day to a perfect place called Heaven.


We are now able to get into a new resident home called The Great Northern Retirement Home. Right now we are meeting on the second floor, but by our third meeting, we should be meeting in the chapel. There was a good response at the first two meetings. Please pray that people would respond to the Gospel given.

King’s Kids has been going well with good attendances. We plan to have an award night coming soon to reward those who have been faithful. Please pray that those who haven’t come to Christ will. One young person recently got the assurance of their salvation. If you think of it, please continue to pray for our son Josiah to be baptized and for Jason, our youngest, to understand and accept the Gospel. We were blessed to see two of our King’s Kids come to Christ this week. These were children who came to the Character Camp our church held this summer.

Soon several of us Northern Ontario pastors and missionaries plan to meet in a distant community to eat, fellowship, pray together, and talk about ministry ideas. There are so many communities in Northern Ontario that are in need of a Gospel light. Recently we went to a “Holy Walk.” This was a program put on by a church about an hour to the east of us. This was a good time for our family, and they gave Josiah a nice Gospel coloring book of the story of how the candy cane was made.

Thank you for your prayers and for the care given to us these many years. May the Lord richly bless you in the coming Christmas season.

Prayer Requests

1. For Bryan, our neighbor, to be saved
2. That the wrist of Joseph Grossman, my brother-in-law, would heal from surgery
3. For more souls to be saved and for more families to join the church and grow in the Lord
4. For an outreach ministry website of my pastor friend, Kendall Wadley (


1. Jason is doing well and can live a normal life in spite of his high-functioning autism.
2. We praise God for His wonderful salvation and the opportunity to share Jesus with others.
3. We are thankful for good Christian friends.

Yours for souls,

Jeremy, Jennifer, Josiah, and Jason Witte

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