James and Linda Belisle Prayer Letter: Preaching in Mexico and Central AmericaIn my position as a field service coordinator with FBMI, I have the privilege of helping the FBMI missionaries in the Western Hemisphere when they have questions or problems. The coordinators meet periodically in an effort to find the best way to help our missionaries. In the month of March, we had our yearly leadership meeting. It is always a blessing to work with the other coordinators so we can best help our missionaries. Later in the month of March, Linda and I were able to attend the Servants’ Conference in Hammond, Indiana. Unfortunately, I got sick, so we left early so I could get over the sickness. I wanted to make sure I could fulfill my scheduled preaching engagement at the Northwoods Baptist Church in Shell Lake, Wisconsin.

At the beginning of April, I had another meeting in Indiana before flying down to Guadalajara, Mexico, so I could preach for two missionaries. The first weekend, I preached for Missionary Robert Wilson. We went out on Saturday, inviting people to a central location so we could have an open-air meeting. About 60 people showed up for the meeting, and many indicated they had trusted Christ as their Saviour. The purpose of the meeting was to obtain prospects for the newest church plant in that area. On Sunday, we had a good crowd at the main church location. A family visiting for the first time was led to the Lord after the morning service.

I was picked up by Missionary Sam Robles so I could teach in his Bible college and then preach their Missions Conference. I enjoyed teaching on missions in the Monday and Tuesday college classes. We also had a good Question-and-Answer Time on Tuesday. I preached the Wednesday service; then on Friday, we started the Missions Conference. The folks worked hard to have an International Supper on Saturday; the food was very good. We finished the conference on Sunday, with over 200 in the main auditorium. The people responded to the preaching, with people getting saved in every service. I was also fortunate to find a doorman at the hotel who spoke very good English, and because of that, I was able to lead him to Christ.

Upon returning to the USA, Linda and I went to Bettendorf, Iowa, where I preached at a Missions Conference. It was good to go out soul winning with the pastor on that Saturday. After preaching on Sunday, the pastor informed me that the commitments looked good enough to reach the goal he had for the church. Praise the Lord!

Immediately following the conference in Bettendorf, our church held its annual Youth Conference. I had the privilege of hosting a good friend and fellow preacher of mine (from Nigeria), Adewale Adesina, during the conference. I have worked with Adewale many times when I’ve been in Nigeria. He is a young man with many talents, which he is using for God’s glory. This was his first time in America. His coming was a miracle in direct answer to our prayers. He was able to preach in our conference, as well as two other churches, while he was with us. The very next Friday, May 12, I headed to Central America. I visited Missionaries Daniel & Misty Wilder in Guatemala, Missionaries Henry & Tammie Gonzalez in El Salvador, and Missionaries Osmin & Eva Gutierrez in Honduras. It was a great blessing to be with each family and to see how God has blessed their efforts. I felt like Paul in the book of Acts, going back to see how the churches are doing. Brother Wilder is getting close to finishing both a new church auditorium and their own house. Brother Henry was able to buy land for a future building project. And Brother Osmin just got electricity to his new buildings. God is using each of these fine couples. They are worthy of your investment.

God has been gracious to give both Linda and me relatively good health. Please pray for us as we plan a June trip to Canada. Linda and I will be seeing three missionary couples in two cities. We need God’s power and wisdom and safety on the roads.

Your servant,

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle