James and Linda Belisle Prayer Letter: Missions, Preaching, and Soul WinningUpon my return from Brazil, our church had its annual Missions Conference. This year, we had a total of 11 missionaries and preachers for our conference. The missionaries were going to the countries of Nigeria, India, Kenya, Ukraine, Argentina, Okinawa, New Zealand, and the Philippines. We thank God for the wonderful conference and for the response of our church people for missions. Counting these missionaries, our church is now supporting around 160 missionaries, evangelists, church planters, and other U.S.-based soul-winning ministries. Missionaries love food and fellowship!

During September, I was able to teach in one of our adult Sunday school classes. I was also able to preach the Sunday services for my pastor on September 12. A young man in our church asked me if we could go soul winning in the rural areas. On one such Tuesday, we were able to talk with a entire family about the Lord. As often happens, this was our last stop of the night, but it was the stop that mattered. The entire family—mom, dad, and one daughter—got saved! Later in the month, I met with the FBMI staff that works with all of the FBMI missionaries for a two-day leadership meeting. We planned the 2022 calendar and discussed how we could best serve the missionaries. I love this yearly meeting in which we cast the vision for the future.

My hope for October was to go to Guatemala (I was scheduled to be there in September), but the missionary was not recovering from COVID as quickly as we both had hoped. Therefore, most of my traveling was in Indiana and Missouri. While reporting back to a supporting church in Missouri, the pastor asked me to teach in the Sunday school hour. Below is a link to that message, which I believe can be a great help to all of us during these trying times. My preaching starts at about the 16:25 mark of the service: https://www.facebook.com/liberty.faith.mo/videos/404042421111973/. Since my son Jim and his family recently moved to Missouri, we decided to include them in our travels.

When home, I endeavor to be a part of the regular soul-winning times, but I also hand out tracts and witness to people regardless of the day of the week. On one such day, I saw a young man walking by the church carrying a bag, and it certainly looked heavy. At first, I just gave him a tract, but then I offered to give him a ride to his house. I witnessed to him at his house and was able to lead him to Christ. A few weeks later, he came to visit the church. All of us, this preacher included, need to be soul-conscious all of the time. Please pray for our church, as it will be putting on its yearly Live Animal Christmas Show in which we normally see over 5,000 persons attend and hundreds get saved.

Your servant,

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle