Henry Gonzalez Prayer Letter:  Church and Ministry EventsChurch and Ministry Events

May and June are both exciting months for our church and ministry. May is when the country celebrates mothers almost the entire month. We take advantage of the special occasion to honor mothers who attend our church. This year there were over 70 mothers in attendance on Mother´s Day. Four were saved that day. We praise the Lord for allowing us to serve Him and see families come to Christ through days like these.

Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day at church with a breakfast for all the dads, and they each received a nice gift. The sad truth is that in El Salvador, over 80% of the homes are single-mother homes; fathers do not take a very big role in rearing or educating their children. In contrast to the 70-plus mothers present six weeks ago, only 22 fathers came to this special day. It is no wonder that El Salvador is one of the top three most violent countries in the world.

Family Events

In May I was able to travel to the states of Oregon, Washington, and California where I presented the work to 17 churches, many of which are non-supporting churches. It was a blessing to be in each one of these churches.
The day I was coming back home, my uncle, the man who led me to the Lord 33 years ago, was viciously attacked in an attempt to murder him. He is still in the hospital more than three weeks later, and we praise the Lord that he is recovering. We covet your prayers for him.

While I was away, our son Daniel came home for the summer. He has just finished his second year at Hyles-Anderson College. We are enjoying his time here with us. He has been working on a bus route and helping out in Sunday school classes. Our at-home teens, Joel and Brenda, are excited about getting to attend their first Youth Conference at our home church this year. The Lord graciously provided for them to be able to go.

We look forward to two big soul-winning pushes in July and August. In July we are having a soul-winning clinic for our church and other churches nearby. In August we will be visiting 10 public schools to present to Gospel to over 10,000 students. Please pray for these planned events.

Please be in prayer for a Pastors´ Conference that our church is hosting in September. If you would like to come and see the work, this would be an exciting time to come. We expect pastors from all over El Salvador, Southern Guatemala, and parts of our neighboring Honduras to attend this conference.

We thank you for the support you send, for the prayers you speak on our behalf, for the cards you send our way, and for the e-mails of encouragement you post. Thank you for holding the lifeline for us. You are a great blessing to our family and to the many hundreds of Central Americans you will meet in Heaven one day, thanks to your sacrifice.

Thank you,

Henry Gonzalez