Heather Kokubun Prayer Letter: His Miracles“Always love. It matters not how big the problem, how deep the hurt, how great the injustice, how impossible the circumstances, how unkind the other, we can always choose love.”

May found me plunging into Christ’s treasures in the love chapter of I Corinthians 13. I began a series on “Unconditional Love” in my ladies’ class on Wednesday nights. The Lord taught me so much through it, and I believe it was also a blessing for my ladies. Amy Carmichael says, “If I covet any place except the dust at the foot of the Cross, then I know nothing of Calvary love.”

Late May found us having to tell our church that our preacher would be leaving and not returning. My blessings? The incredible way our church has responded. Many of our people have been more mature about this than I could have ever dreamed. I’ve sat and held many as they’ve broken into tears of heartbreak over losing our dear man of God. But their responses? We will not judge; we are all human. We all stand forgiven at the foot of the Cross. We follow Christ, not a man. I’ve learned during the past two years that I can either complain over what has been taken away or be grateful for all the blessings I was given. Our church people have chosen the same in these circumstances. God has blessed our church with around 15 leaders whom our pastor was training. They have come together in amazing ways for Christ. We have held sweet times of fasting together, both as a group of leaders and as a church body. We’ve seen God work incredible miracles through the preaching of His people. I have enjoyed sitting in the stands and watching God move through the men here.

One of our leaders, Samuel, preached just shortly after we announced the news. He was a man who attended the last Bible study my husband started two years ago. He said, “If Daniel had not died two years ago, I would never have been forced to start walking with God. I began walking with God then and had no idea the Lord would allow me to preach behind this pulpit. It’s time we all take all the truths we’ve been taught and put them to practice in our own lives. It’s time for God to become our God.” That night God used Samuel to bring healing and hope to a hurting church, and I got another answer. It’s amazing how God writes our stories! If the Lord had not taken Daniel two years ago, I would not have learned many of the rich lessons I learned over these past two years. These lessons are what help me each and every day as I minister to our hurting people. These lessons are what remind me that especially in the darkest night and through the deepest trials, God does miracles.

Our people have been very faithful to church and are learning to seek their God. I’ve told many a person over these past few weeks that perhaps this is what God will use so that we will all grow. I often remind them that it’s not about a white man who stands to preach; it’s about the filling of the Holy Spirit of God in a man. I truly believe that Peru will and can be reached with the Gospel when the Peruvians themselves see God being real in their own lives. He’s not a God of the white man, He’s God of all gods and King of all kings.

We enjoyed a visit from Pastor and Mrs. Wilkerson. It was my first time to meet them. What a sweet and humble couple. They encouraged my heart in many ways, and I am so grateful for their support as we walk through this valley. Please keep my church and my dear people in your prayers. I cannot begin to describe the many miracles God has done. For every heartbreak we’ve endured, we’ve seen more grace and more mercy than ever before. We are blessed.

Our church has elected my preacher’s assistant, Bro. Dennis Llontop, to lead our church as interim pastor. We’ll begin looking for a new pastor in these next couple of months. I covet your prayers for God’s man to be placed in this very special position. Mr. Zach Foust will step in as leader of Team Peru.

Gratefully serving Him,

Heather Kokubun