Heather Kokubun Prayer Letter: His GoodnessWhat a blessed first Youth Conference we had at IBI! Over 100 teens registered, and I had the privilege of hosting my in-laws, Norman and Deanna Kokubun, for the event! This is not the first time for my father-in-law to preach to the teens. He has definitely won their hearts during his trips here! I believe the Lord did a great work during these two days. We closed the conference by giving candles to each one of the kids, lighting up the room. Our goal for them is to go out from the conference and be a light and salt in each of their worlds for the kingdom of Heaven.

The following weekend, I was blessed to speak at a nearby church here in Lima at their conference for young ladies! Topics such as purity, serving Jesus in their youth, and standing up for what’s right were a few of the themes taught! So many practical things were taught that I found myself wishing I’d had something like that to attend when I was 12! The Lord truly blessed the conference! I’m not sure why He’s so kind as to use me, but I will forever praise Him for it! Thank you for praying. I believe we will continue to see the results of this conference for years to come.

Last Sunday after church, I walked up to one of the ladies who attends my Bible study and asked her how she was doing. “I’m doing great!” she responded. “My brother, sister-in-law, and both their children came to church this morning and got saved!” I smiled and thanked God for His goodness. This is another reason I love living on the mission field—each and every day, we get to see God at work!

Have I mentioned the goodness of God lately?! It is my joy and honor to share that several weeks ago, Josh Hedderman asked for my hand in marriage. Josh first moved to Peru almost a year ago. Who would have known or thought that God would have this in mind for our stories? I am looking forward to marrying Josh on November 3 in Ponca City, Oklahoma! Josh and I will continue serving the Lord together here in Peru. I stand amazed that God has chosen to bring another man of God into my life. I feel entirely unworthy, yet I am grateful God knows and understands each and every need I have and delights to supply them. If you should have any questions, you may contact Josh at jhedd225@gmail.com or contact our mission board, FBMI. Lord willing, we are hoping not to have to go back out on deputation. If, however, you should have any questions concerning Josh’s beliefs, education, background, etc., please feel free to let us know! We are happy to fill out missions surveys or do anything you would need us to do.

Prayers? Absolutely! Would you continue to pray that God will give us fruit here in Peru? We are started a Bible institute with Team Peru this week and pray the Lord will use it to help us disciple, train, and teach others. We also have a Pastors’ and Leaders’ Conference coming this September 6-8. Would you pray that God will continue to do great and mighty things which we know not? Thank you!!

All for Jesus,

Heather Kokubun