Gregg Schoof Prayer Letter: New Life in the Church!To close out the year, I wish to proclaim that God is still in control! We started going to a small Baptist church in Kampala that was struggling a bit. We are really rejoicing over what God has allowed us to do. As one person said, “We breathed life into the church.” And, of course, we say that it is simply life that God has first given to us.

When we first started going there, there was only one teen girl coming faithfully, with another one or two teens coming from time to time. With our big bunch of kids, teenagers just started coming. Several got saved and are even starting to go soul winning on Saturdays. There are 15 teens who are ready to go to Bible camp—my 6 kids and 9 from the church.

The new pastor and his wife are also rejoicing over the excitement in the church. People used to leave right after the services, but now people are hanging around, talking, and enjoying watching the teens and kids playing together after services. The pastor even told us that before we came, some adults were talking about leaving the church. Well, those ideas are now long gone. Amen! My family also sang the first special the church had had in years. They really loved it.

We have seen over 20 saved out soul winning with them in December, and about 8 new people started coming faithfully to the church who are planning to be baptized soon. Also, that one teen girl at the start is now planning to go to Bible college. Amen!

Please continue to pray for us to get our permanent visas here, along with the registration for Mount Gerizim Baptist Ministries. Also, please pray for us to finish getting our things from Rwanda. We believe that we will have enough money next month to get a truck, but it is still very important to pray for the safety in transporting everything.

We will be taking a furlough this year, and we are now scheduling meetings from June to December 2020. Please send us an email if you would like us to come give a report in your church. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.

In His service,

Gregg, Angela, Caleb, Hannah, Timothy, Virginia, Micah, and Zachery Schoof