Ezequiel Martinez Prayer Letter:  New Visitor!It is the desire of our family to see the growth of our church. Not only do we want to see the spiritual growth of our members but also the numerical growth of the church. My family and I love to see visitors come to our church. We are expecting a new visitor at our church soon, but this brand-new visitor will take nine months to join us. Yes, you guessed it! My wife and I are expecting! We are excited to share this blessing with you and can’t wait to meet our new visitor in January 2015. Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for our third child.

We thank God for the great anniversary service our church had back in May. Praise the Lord! We had a lot of visitors; some came back, and some didn’t. Among those who have been coming to our church since the anniversary is a young lady named Elizabeth. She received a Bible from our church the day she visited and asked me what books of the Bible she should start reading. A few weeks later, she approached my wife and showed her how much of the book of Genesis she had read. Elizabeth is a faithful member. She has brought her sister on occasion and attends our soul-winning classes. Her next step is to get baptized.

As you may already know, due to limited space, we do not have a baptistery in our church. However, we do have one at our team’s main church. We are planning to have a few baptisms from our church on the 31st of August. Lined up to be baptized is a dating couple, Juan and Grace. Juan is a medical doctor recently graduated from medical school, and Grace is soon to be finishing her degree as a pediatrician. Also lined up to be baptized is Julio, who has been involved in most of our churches activities and has had a big part in our newest Bible study in an area called Proceres. My brother-in-law is currently leading this Bible study, and we’ve already seen many people saved.

It’s a pleasure to see individuals come to church and grow. It’s even more exciting to see an entire family come and grow like the family of Carlos and Antonieta and their two kids, Carolina and Carlos. They visited our church a year ago and got saved. They started coming back regularly after our anniversary Sunday. Please pray for the spiritual growth of this family and that they would continue to be faithful.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. Because of your faithfulness, people and families here in Peru are coming to know Christ and beginning a new life in Him.

The Martinez Family