Elias Correa Prayer Letter:  Thirteenth Year as Missionaries!It was a blessing for my wife and me as we approached the New Year and realized that we are beginning our thirteenth year serving our Lord as full-time missionaries! We are excited for 2015 and look forward to seeing how our Lord will bless our ministry efforts in reaching more Irish with His glorious Gospel. Thank you so much for your faith, love, support, prayers, and kindness you have shown to our family throughout the years.

Northern Ireland Needs the Lord

Although we continue to focus our efforts mainly in the Republic of Ireland, God has also opened doors for us to minister in the North of Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. Each time another door opens for us, I am reminded there are no “wrong mission fields” and that the Gospel is needed everywhere. Northern Ireland is made up mostly of Protestant churches, and they are no stranger to the Gospel. Unlike the Republic of Ireland, which is 92% Roman Catholic, Northern Ireland is only 40% Catholic. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to preach both Sunday services in two different cities in the north and felt much freedom as I shared the Gospel. We also spent several days canvassing the areas with more “Light of The World” Gospel DVDs, as well as tracts as we went door-to-door soul winning.

This most recent “Light of the World” DVD distribution is our furthest outreaching yet. We were excited to share these DVDs with the first church that the Lord allowed us to plant, which is in Waterford, Ireland. DVDs were also distributed in the capital city of Dublin, as well as two cities in Northern Ireland, Londonderry and Lisburn, which is a suburb of Belfast. Please pray that those hearing the Gospel and receiving the DVDs will be open to the Gospel.

Lost and Found

Like many of you, I love to share the Gospel wherever I go. I have given out Gospel tracts, John and Romans, pamphlets, DVDs, booklets, and even Gospel coins. However, nothing is more effective than sharing the Gospel story person to person. While in Londonderry I lost my cell phone. I retraced my steps, looking everywhere I thought it would be. While I was looking, a passerby named Danielle noticed my strange behavior as I sought out my missing item. She stopped to ask if I needed any help. I did, so she assisted me for a few moments. This got us on the conversation of lost and found items. I was reminded of when I was lost and Jesus found me! I gave her a Gospel tract and shared with her the Gospel of Christ in the short time that I had. After looking and talking for several moments, Danielle had to move on. Although I never found my phone, hopefully, Danielle found the Saviour during our short divine appointment. Please pray that she will be saved.

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for more souls to be saved in Northern Ireland, as well as the Republic.
2. Please pray for the health of my wife, as she has been ill for most of this winter thus far with a bacterial lung infection.
3. Please pray for our children as they seek God’s wisdom in making life decisions.

Your grateful missionaries,

Bro. Elias (Robyn, Joshua, Kendalle, and Suzanne) Correa