Elias Correa Prayer Letter:  Soul Winning Still Works!I am reminded often of the greatness of the Lord. We are reminded of His goodness each day, and it is a joy to know that He will always be there for us. Recently I read Psalm 126:3 where is says, “The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.” This has become even truer as we continue to serve Him. What a joy it is to see souls come to Christ and to serve as your missionaries for lost souls.

Soul Winning Still Works!

The greatest story ever told never gets old! I am reminded of that great song in our hymnbook, “I Love to Tell the Story.” The chorus goes like this: “Tell me the old, old story of Jesus and His love.” It is an old story, but telling it never gets old! No matter where you are on this earth, soul winning works, and souls are still in need everywhere you look. Since our last prayer letter, we have seen 29 souls come to know the Lord as Saviour! If space permitted, I would love to share each story with you. You have a part in each soul that is saved. Thank you for your investment and for partnering with our ministry.

I would, however, like to share with you about one divine appointment. Recently I meet a young man by the name of Zach. Zach was 12 years old and had never heard about Jesus Christ. I was speaking to Zach within a group of 4 young boys and asked them the question, “If you were to die today, would you go to Heaven?” Not one of the boys knew where they would go, so I quickly took them to the Scriptures and walked them through the Romans Road. A few of the boys appeared distracted and seemed like they had trouble concentrating on what I was saying, so I had to work extra hard to keep their attention. However, Zach never took his eyes off of me. He seemed to totally tune out every-thing around him and was only listening to me. He paid attention to every word, and I could see in his eyes that he really wanted to know. After completing the Gospel presentation with them, I asked them all if they wanted to trust Jesus as their Saviour, and all 4 boys were gloriously saved. Praise the Lord! Afterwards, Zach thanked me for sharing this great news with him. He was baptized a few days later! Praise the Lord for more souls in Heaven! Soul winning still works!

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Lord willing, my wife and I will be traveling to Belfast, Northern Ireland, in November to visit a national pastor and have the opportunity to serve with him for a few days. Since 2003 when we first came to Ireland, we have met many good men of God, and it is a joy to spend some time of fellowship with them as the Lord allows. I will also have the opportunity to preach in his church during his Sunday services. We will also be visiting another missionary friend a few hours west of Belfast. We will have the opportunity to share our ministry there and preach during the midweek service. We are excited that God has continued to open doors of influence for us as we strive to reach the Irish for Christ.

DVD Ministry in Full Gear

Since our last prayer letter, we have completed Phase 4 of the DVD project. These 1,000 DVDs will be going with us to Northern Ireland and will be distributed freely to the people. Please pray that their hearts will be open to the Gospel. The response thus far has been good. We are able to track the progress of these DVDs through our website, www.thelightvideo.com.

We have also successfully raised the funds for Phase 5 of this project. We would like to thank Emmanuel Baptist Church in Valparaiso, Indiana, and their generous church members who made it possible to complete this phase. Their recent donation has made this church our latest Gold Level Contributor! Thank you for your investment in getting the wonderful Gospel into the hands and homes throughout Ireland.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for Zach and his 3 friends to grow in the Lord.
2. Pray for more Irish hearts to be open to the Gospel.
3. Pray for wisdom, direction, and continued pro-vision for our two adult children.

Thank you for partnering together with us and allowing us to serve as your missionaries. We love and appreciate you.

Staying after souls,

Bro. Elias (Robyn, Joshua, Kendalle, and Suzanne) Correa