Elias Correa Prayer Letter:  Olympic Outreach a Success!cor1Thank you to all who prayed for the opportunity I had to join a short-term missions team with Wings Bearing Precious Seed. The Olympic Outreach to Brazil was blessed of the Lord, and we saw many victories. Our team alone was able to distribute over 27,000 Scriptures with the plan of salvation translated into 17 languages, plus 6,000 additional tracts in Portuguese. The Lord blessed with souls saved.

cor2The Gospel message was shared with people from at least 42 different countries. Thank you to each of you who joined in prayer for these victories, as well as safety for the team. Please continue in prayer that these materials will bear even more fruit as people take them home to various countries around the globe and share them with others. We will not know the true impact of this work until we are in Heaven. It is so exciting serving God! Since our latest letter, we have seen 14 souls trust Christ for salvation.

Soul-Winning Blessing

Recently while soul winning, I meet an adult couple. His name was Harold, and her name was Kim. Upon meeting them, she looked familiar to me, but I could not figure out who she was. I asked them a few questions to bring the conversation around to salvation and then asked, “If you were to die today, would you be 100% certain you would be in Heaven, or would you have a little doubt?” They both said that they have a little doubt, so I opened my Bible and shared the glorious news of Jesus with them. Along the way, they asked a few questions, which I welcomed. I have always found that people seem to pay attention a bit more if they have questions. I kept things on track, and when I was finished, they both bowed their heads and asked Jesus to save them! Amen! While talking with them afterwards, I realized who she was. She was the sister of a childhood friend I had while growing up. My heart was thrilled to know that God would bring somebody across my path from so many years ago who needed to be saved. God is good!

Ireland Update

Lord willing, we are looking forward to and planning to be in Ireland next month. We covet and appreciate your continued prayers as we continue to seek His will and direction for our lives and ministry. We love and appreciate all of you. We thank you for partnering together with us to reach this very needy world for Christ.

Awaiting the trumpet,

Bro. Elias (Robyn, Suzanne) Correa