Elias Correa Prayer Letter: Moving Forward During a PandemicNoteworthy News

These are certainly interesting days we live in! While COVID-19 has delayed some of our projects, God is still working. Thus far in 2020, we have shipped 383,000 Scriptures to Peru, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Mongolia. We now have several pending projects, including containers for southern Africa and Kenya, as well as shipments to Kiribati, Gabon, Honduras, Cuba, and Venezuela. While we did not have many shipments go out the last few months, we have been busy publishing Spanish discipleship materials, as well as online ministry resources, including a Spanish discipleship channel (youtube.com/CrecimientoCristianoValera1602org). Our goal is still to
ship 20 million Scriptures to at least 20 nations on all continents, as God enables.

Prayer Petitions

Please pray that the Lord would open doors and enable us to get the seed out of the barn despite COVID-19. Also pray for:
• Missions-trip converts’ growth.
• Postponed trips / COVID-19.
• 10 million tracts shipment.

Pray that God would enable us to have spiritual 20/20 Vision, by providing His Word to needy souls. Thank you for partnering with us to get the Word of God to a lost and dying world through your prayers and giving!

Our 2020 Vision

Robyn and I are excited that things around the country are starting to open up. We continue to book new meetings to share this needy work. Recently, I had someone contact me about donating to a previous DVD project we were doing in Ireland. We will be sending 1,000 DVDs to Ireland soon, praise the Lord! We are also excited about the 2021 missions-trip schedule! Please pray about joining us on one of these life-changing trips. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Elias and Robyn Correa