Elias Correa Prayer Letter:  Looking Forward to a Special YearWe are so excited as we look ahead to another year of serving our Lord in 2016. Like most, we faced opposition from the Devil in 2015, but we kicked old Smutty Face in the teeth, by the grace of God, with many, many souls coming to know our precious Saviour. Boxes of tracts were passed out, seeds were planted, doors were knocked on, lost souls were compelled, the precious Word of God was preached, and, by the grace of God, lives were changed.

Looking Forward to a Special Year

This year is anticipated to be a special year in Ireland, for it commemorates the 100-year anniversary of the Ireland 1916 Easter Rising. This time period is also known as the Easter Rebellion. This was an armed insurrection during Easter Week in 1916 when the Irish Republicans rose up against the British, which ruled Ireland at the time. It was a significant rebellion because the United Kingdom was heavily engaged in World War I. This was what led to the beginning of the free Irish independent state that they currently have today.

We are praying that many of the Irish will truly become FREE in 2016 from the oppression and tyranny that Satan has over those who are lost and in need of the Saviour. Please pray that we will see many trust Christ in 2016.

Recent Trip to Northern Ireland

I praise the Lord for the opportunities that He gives us to serve Him. On our most recent trip to Northern Ireland, I was privileged to have the opportunity to preach at the Northwest Baptist Church in Londonderry. It was a tremendous blessing to be with those dear folks once again.

We then traveled to Lisburn, a city of over 71,000 located just south of Belfast. My wife and I have been praying much over this city. We spent time canvassing estates through door-to-door soul winning. We met a man named Seamus who knew of his need for our Saviour but simply could not let go of his works religion and put his faith in Christ alone. Please pray that Seamus wakes up spiritually. So many Irish are blinded by a works religion.


St. Patrick’s Burial Place Nearby

The next day we traveled back to the South for tract saturation/distribution in and around Drogheda. My wife and I were able stand in the city centre, and not one person who passed by refused a tract. We were rained out after three days, but what a blessing it was to be able to get the Gospel into the hands of so many.

Prayer Requests and Plans

Your prayers for our family and Immigration are always needed. Please pray that we will be able to complete the Light of the World DVD project in 2016. We still have 4,000 DVDs to produce and distribute. Pray for 2016 to be a life-changing year for many Irish, with many trusting Christ. Please pray for a man named Shimir whom I witnessed to in Drogheda; he was under conviction but would not get saved. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as partners with you to reach the lost of this world.

Saved to serve,

Bro. Elias (Robyn, Suzanne) Correa