Dave Whitmore Prayer Letter:  Soul Winning in Our "Jerusalem, Judaea, and Samaria"

Thank You for Praying on Our Behalf!

In May, we had a four-week Fall Program. On the first Sunday, God blessed with 27 people coming as my visitors. Through the program, many more families were invited by all the families of the church. The last Saturday and Sunday of the program, we had a Family Conference, with our own Bro. Dan Johnson preaching. We had our friends with Fishers of Men International, Stephen and Lorraine Elliott, help us reach out to the people in our community and in five other cities. Here in Taubate, we were given permission to set up a banner and a table at a heavily traveled corner of the open market. The banner asked the question: “Are you 100% for sure that you are on your way to Heaven? Yes, No, or Maybe.” On the table, we had John/Romans, Gospel tracts, BBN cards, and invitations for the Family Conference. During the two days, over 2,000 people received the Gospel literature; 2 were saved, and another 2 received assurance of their salvation. At least 10 adults and teens of our church gave at least two hours of their time to sharing their faith over the two days. Through the help of one of our new families, I was able to meet and earn the respect of one of our city councilmen, Rodson Lima Jr. He and his wife also visited our church on the Sunday we honored some public servants of our city. That night the councilman had doubts about his salvation, and after talking with someone during the invitation, he left with the assurance of his salvation.

Also during the last week of May, three of our four children who live in the U.S. were able to spend a week with us and help Dawn and me celebrate our 25th anniversary. We enjoyed two days together at a lovely farm home out in the middle of nowhere outside of Cajuru, where we served before moving to Taubate. Our friend, Pastor Marcos, changed his midweek service so our son Jonathan could preach for him on our anniversary, Tuesday, May 30. We surprised Dawn by inviting many of the people we knew from the 14 months we served together with Pastor Marcos. The church was full, and 3 were saved during the invitation.

Two days later, Karlene and I left again with Stephen Elliott, his wife, and their six-year-old daughter Elizabeth. We praise the Lord for the many good friends we have around the world, but it is always a special treat when some are able to go “fishing” (soul winning) with us here in Brazil. This was Bro. Elliott’s third time here but the first time for his wife and daughter to experience and meet our people. Bro. Elliott preached, and I interrupted (interpreted) six times. They are several blessings from that trip, but one special blessing was seeing some friends, Emerson and Elaine and their three daughters, whom we led to Jesus when we were living in Cajuru. The wife took us to meet Carlos Eduardo, a young man in his twenties who was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. I was able to interpret for Bro. Elliott as he explained the Gospel to our new friend. We returned to Taubate to enjoy a Valentine Banquet and a delicious Italian meal, planned and prepared by the young people (and my lovely wife) of our church.

Heaven will be exciting for those who have been busy sowing the Gospel seed with anyone and everyone! Let’s continue to “brighten the corner” where we are!

Dave and Dawn Whitmore