thumbnail of Dave Solt Jan-Feb 2021 Prayer LetterDid we really think that the pandemic would continue into 2021? I never would have imagined it in a million years! The British nation went back into lockdown to start the year, yet because we complained and petitioned Parliament, they allowed the churches to hold meetings with the required mitigations. Socialism is strong over here. Six-feet distance must be maintained. Everyone needs to use hand gel and wear facemasks. No one can sing but those leading the service. I preach behind a clear sheet of plastic . . . and so on. We recently had to shut down because someone who came to the service tested positive for the Coronavirus. We are working with big government, and as Americans and missionaries, we are guests. No, it is not easy, but we are so glad to be here to help the people during a difficult time. Thank you for helping us to stay here through praying and giving!

Off to a Good Year

We have had 43 saved so far this year, and 9 first-time visitors have attended since the beginning of the year. We have had a few more young adults attending services. Tom is one of them, and I have had many opportunities to answer his good Bible questions. He shared the other day that he is so thankful for a KJV-only Baptist pastor who stands for the old-time Gospel and who believes and practises soul winning. There are not many of us over here. Pray with us that more missionaries will come over and help us and this nation.

Continued Blessings Mixed with Sadness

Last week, we travelled down to London to hold a funeral for our dear friend, Sarb Brogan. Sarb suffered terribly from cancer. Thankfully, her end was peaceful. My wife was singing to her on the phone as she passed to Glory. In 1997, I met Sarb at a door in London when she was a young mother of 27 years old. She had a Sikh background but wanted to know how she could go to Heaven when she died. Praise God! She gladly trusted Jesus, and then she and her family attended our church there for a decade. Therefore, I had the privilege to share the Gospel at her funeral. After the service, a family friend came to me to let me know that she had just trusted Christ for Heaven. Another friend later prayed for salvation by phone. Over 300 watched the message of the Gospel online. Heaven will be sweet!

International Parenting

Yes, we are in that wonderful phase of missionary life. We are on our field, and our kids are all in the U.S. Many have passed this way before us, but it feels very new here. We rejoiced to have time with Jeremy and Josh for Christmas Break. The irony is that they came all this way and had to isolate in the house nearly all the allotted days. Despite extra testing and last-minute flight cancellations, they were able to leave just as the new UK variant was taking over and sending us into a very long lockdown. Since then, we have had more long-distance parenting with news of COVID for Dan and Rachel, two car accidents, and some important decision-making. We know that we are where God wants us and that they are where God wants them. We are learning to let go and also learning how to be locked down for months with just the two of us!

Thank you for praying for the UK. We have had over 125,000 certified COVID deaths. Many adults are now vaccinated, so we pray the deaths will be much lower in future. Yet we see further new lockdowns in Europe with much talk of more Coronavirus variants. Financial worries are coming
into play now from the extended lockdowns. So meanwhile, we keep going, helping, giving, encouraging, and witnessing. Your missions giving and prayers have been so faithful. God sees the heart of His people for missions! May God richly bless you for your prayers and kindnesses.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family Preston
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Rachel, Joshua, & Jeremy