Daniel Wilder Prayer Letter: Persistent Soul WinningOur church theme for this year has been “. . . Let us rise up and build . . . .” from Nehemiah 2:18. One aspect of this theme has been focusing on several construction projects that our church has pending. We have decided not to go into debt, so we will be starting the projects and finishing them as the money comes in. The first project we decided to start was the remodeling of our bathrooms. The church has given enough money to start the project, and the men have joined forces to do the work. Please pray for finances and wisdom as we finish this project and start many more to come.

Rebeca, one of the faithful ladies in our church, asked me to visit her mother-in-law, who is dying from cancer. Her in-laws live about an hour away from our church. I was told that Maria Socorro, Rebeca’s mother-in-law, was saved, but her father-in-law Enrique and her husband Enrique were not saved. When I arrived, Rebeca’s father-in-law called the whole family in to hear what I had to say. I shared the Gospel message with them and prayed for Maria. After the prayer, I was invited to share a snack. I once again witnessed to Enrique, Rebeca’s father-in-law, but he would not get saved. I added his name to my list of people who needed to get saved and started praying for him. I made the trip to visit Enrique three times, witnessing to him each time. The third time I visited him, he told me that he wanted to get saved. He received Christ as his Saviour and has been involved in his local church ever since. His son Enrique has seen the change the Lord has made in his father’s life and is starting to think about his own salvation. Please pray with me that he, too, would receive Christ as Saviour.

This story reminds me of the need to be a persistent soul winner. Many people will not get saved unless we pray for them fervently and make the effort to visit them, presenting the Gospel to them time and time again.

In closing, I want to mention that our mail service is up and running again. If you would like to send us mail here in Guatemala, our mailing address is the same as before: 3ra Calle 8-101 Zona 3, A.P. #78, Chimaltenango 04001, Guatemala, Central America. Thank you for keeping in touch and for praying for our ministry. Every correspondence is a reminder of your concern and interest in us, our ministry, and the Guatemalan people.

His for souls,

Daniel and Misty Wilder, Lydia, Charity, Emily, Hannah, and Serenity