Dan Siemer Prayer Letter: The Work Keeps GrowingThank you for your continued prayers for us. We’ve seen God answer in so many ways.

Lana and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary in December. What a gift from God she is. She’s been fully supportive since the Lord led us out of the Navy and into missions, then from the stability of Honduras to the uncertainty of war-torn Nicaragua. When the Lord directed back to the U.S., she kept the spirit of the home right through four more moves, as we were called to serve with FBMI and as the mission agency grew and moved step-wise to our present location. This year will also mark our 30th year in missionary service. We marvel when we consider God’s goodness to us.

The work keeps growing, and we’re in one of the busiest times of the year.
1. As missionaries regularly contact me with medical and ministry questions, God faithfully provides insight and answers as we work through the concerns.
2. We’re planning and preparing for Candidate School, which will be held in May. Bro Bosje asked me to determine the essentials that a missionary on deputation needs to know. Reviewing what we’ve taught in past years, I came up with 24 essential topics. We’re now working to develop each lesson and then to assemble them in a manual that the new missionaries will receive.
3. To train the next generation of missionaries and full-time Christian workers, I’m again teaching the medical class at Hyles-Anderson College. It’s so important that they have a solid foundation of understanding in order to make wise medical decisions wherever the Lord should lead. It would be great if all the students could take the class.
4. For the first time, I’ve been given the opportunity to teach English and Spanish missions classes in the evening Bible institute of First Baptist Church. The time invested preparing the lessons is very well spent, and the students are enthusiastically growing in grace.
Soul winning has been challenging this winter, but it’s been fruitful and even humorous at times. At one young man’s door, presenting the Gospel while dealing with the effects of the wind and cold, my numb fingers were clumsily turning pages, and my rebellious nose insisted on running. He patiently smiled with me through the nuisances before he bowed his head to ask the Lord Jesus to be his Saviour.
The latter part of February, I’ll be traveling with Pastor to a Middle Eastern country to preach to national pastors in a conference. Please pray for the Holy Spirit’s filling, power, and direction. It’ll be my first time in this country, so it’s difficult to get a handle on what would help them the most. Years ago in the Navy, I traveled to Djibouti and Oman, and both trips taught me so much. So I’m eager to see what God will do during this trip.

That all might hear the Gospel, everywhere,

Dan and Lana Siemer