Dan Siemer Prayer Letter: Thank YouAs new missionaries, we grew in our appreciation of our missions agency, but we weren’t fully aware of the price paid to develop their range of services. In His time, the Lord brought us to FBMI. Knowing the course our service would follow, He blessed us with you, our supporting churches.

Thank you for giving us opportunity! Recent months have been filled with projects, work being done to help missionaries to more effectively win souls and build churches that will remain and prosper.

• Missionary essentials: considering what missionaries encounter to ensure that there are no gaps in missionary training and preparation, from the Bible college level to continuing education
• Course of missionary life: mapping out the major steps or transition points from initial interest to the end of service and how to best serve the missionaries at each point
• Deputation manual: assembling available instruction and resources to fully equip new missionaries for a more rapid and rewarding deputation ministry
• Financial reports: updating the reports that missionaries receive and the ones that they prepare, bringing them more in line with the latest developments in tax law and accounting practices
• Missionary profiles: organizing missionary information in order to better represent the missionaries before their donors and others who consider them for support
• Field service team reports: tracking the concerns of missionaries as they are addressed, until they are fully resolved

By God’s grace, much has been accomplished. We are very encouraged. The process has brought the home office together, improving teamwork as we prepare for this year’s Candidate School in July.

Thank you for giving us credibility! Constantly, in different ways, it’s expressed to me that our family’s missionary status keeps us “tapped into” the needs other missionaries are experiencing and how events and services are affecting them. Were we salaried by the agency, this would not be possible.

Thank you for giving us friendship! Your presence on the donor statement is a powerful reminder of your love and heartfelt support. We are moved when we remember you and your sacrifice.

Thank you for giving us accountability! As you remain faithful, reaching the lost and building believers, we all are inspired to do more. Since the last letter, I’ve seen souls saved when serving in my Spanish Sunday school class, preaching a funeral, and knocking doors. Lana and Ruth stir me with their dedicated service to the special needs children and their families, and Tom continues to grow in his service to the new church being established in Crown Point.

Thank you for giving us open doors! As you pray, the Holy Spirit directs and empowers. Last week I felt led to take a cup of coffee to someone, and on delivery he told me he had just prayed for one. It seems insignificant, but to be God’s instrument of answered prayer . . . priceless! Please keep praying as we serve missionaries with their complicated medical, ministry, family, and financial challenges. Please pray for God’s will and direction regarding the trip to Europe.

That all may hear, everywhere,

Dan and Lana Siemer