Dan Siemer Prayer Letter:  May 2015 Guadalajara, Mexico, Missions TripSpring greetings to you all! It’s been intense as we’ve prepared and conducted the Second Annual Missions Conference activities at the church and college. Once that was finished, resources were brought to bear upon FBMI’s upcoming Candidate School, scheduled for the first week of June.

Meanwhile, God has blessed our soul-winning efforts. Probably my favorite memory is of Jose, a hardworking father of five. It was wonderful to see how indifference turned to questions, and sincere questions turned to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The power of the Gospel message!

For months we’ve been planning and preparing to host FBMI’s missions trip to Guadalajara, Mexico. Lord willing and enabling, we’ll arrive by air on the 16th of May for ten intense days of service for the King of kings. It will be a joy to work alongside veteran missionaries Robert Murillo, Robert Wilson, Darrell Ratcliff, and Chris Sage. Our heart’s desire is for all the participants to witness firsthand the wondrous and varied opportunities for service on the mission field. Each of these host missionaries is proven and doing a wonderful job serving the Saviour. At the same time, their ministries are radically different. What a joyous and vivid confirmation of the truth of Jeremiah 1:5, that to yield to God’s call to serve Him according to His will is to open the door to fully realize the potential for which we were born!

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”    Jeremiah 1:5

While in Guadalajara it will be our opportunity to help establish two new churches. Bro. Murillo and his church family, with Bro. Chris Sage’s help as a church planter, have taken the first steps to reach the people of San Augustin and Tizapan with the Gospel. Both communities are to the south of Guadalajara, and the second is near the Annabel de Vallejo Children’s Home of Bro. Murillo’s church. Bro. Darrell Ratcliff, an experienced and fruitful evangelist, will thankfully be able to invest a week laboring with us.

In closing, please pray for these needs:

1. For the Lord’s presence, power, direction, and financial provision for the trip; that souls would be saved; and that the churches would be established
2. For grace, to catch up on correspondence and the work that remains to be done
3. For the Lord to direct as I finish scheduling my fall missions conference trip out West

Once again, we thank you for enabling us to serve as missionaries, according to the Lord’s sovereign will and design. Your faithful prayer and financial support are deeply appreciated.

For His sake,

Dan and Lana Siemer