Dan Siemer Prayer Letter: Edification, Exhortation, and Comfort“But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort.”

(I Corinthians 14:3)

Lana, Tom, and I send heartfelt greetings from our home to yours. We’re very thankful to be knit with you in His love, in His Word, and in His work.

Thank you again for investing! By God’s grace, your financial support is more appreciated than ever. We’re cutting expenses, streamlining procedures, redoubling efforts, and giving biblically with you.

Thank you for understanding! This verse commands attention. It expresses the heart of missionary life and work as they build believers, and it wraps up what the Lord enables us to do, through you, in service to His servants.

Edification: It’s a joy and privilege to help build missionaries in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Recent examples have included difficult skin infections in the tropics, chronic painful conditions with their associated problems, deputation problems, and learning disabilities.

Exhortation: When the Lord awakens us to the fact that a missionary is struggling, we pray for opportunities to come alongside to encourage and motivate without meddling, to “sharpen the countenance of a friend.” Recently the Lord used comments in a prayer letter to alert us to a missionary with such a need, and God providentially enabled us to meet and talk things over.

Comfort: Pain, loss, and grief are common visitors in missionaries’ homes. The truths of II Corinthians 1:3-8 are lived every day. Missionaries are suffering rejection, opposition, and sickness, some without apparent further treatment options. Our position as fellow missionaries gives credibility when we are privileged to help.

Thank you again for praying! The Lord blessed, and I was able to finish nearly 100 credit hours of medical training online for family-practice requirements. In several cases missionaries had particular needs, and I was able to find courses that addressed those exact topics. One particular course was so helpful that I summarized it in my most recent letter to all the missionaries.

Praise God for spiritual fruit! One gloomy day we were knocking doors, and I met an engineer who was religious but trusting in his works for salvation. Once he understood the Scriptures, with joy he prayed to receive the gift of eternal life, trusting in the finished work of Christ. God’s providential timing was remarkable, as he had traveled home the day before and was leaving again the next day.

Please pray for these needs!

• We’re working intensively on several projects that should enable FBMI to better prepare and serve the missionaries. Please pray that the Lord would grant wisdom and direction.
• Regarding our 2016 schedule, the Lord has opened doors to serve in Poland and Brazil. It is also my heart’s desire to serve as many churches as possible with their missions programs. Please pray for His guidance.

That all might hear, everywhere,

Dan, Lana, and Tom Siemer