Courtney Godsoe Prayer Letter:  Property Purchased to Build a ChurchWe thank the Lord for His bountiful blessings on our feeble efforts. We thank you for your part in this ministry, enabling us to work in this great white harvest. Praise the Lord for 1,390 souls trusting Christ during the months of September and October! Our folks are keeping busy with our Campus Ministry, Jail Ministry, Public Transportation Ministry, Bible studies in places of business, and soul winning.

Jojo and Riza Abian, one of our couples who has a restaurant and catering service, are normally closed on Sundays. Someone recently asked them if they could rent their facilities on Sundays since they weren’t being used. Jojo and Riza agreed to do so and are giving the rent money to the church.

One of the great blessings in our church is seeing our people getting more involved in sharing the Gospel and helping others to grow. Families who have been coming for a long time and sitting on the sidelines are now attending more than one service a week and becoming productive for the Lord.

We just began our annual Harvest Campaign where we focus on church attendance, winning souls, and bringing visitors for six consecutive Sundays. We divided into three groups. Each group has a leader and raises their own funds for promotions by selling candy, fruit, and vegetables and by doing odd jobs. Many folks who have not been very involved with church activities have really gotten on board and are excited. The auditorium was filled on the first Sunday of our campaign.

I see so many parallels with the teachings of our Lord and the Philippines. Jesus told of the “pearl of great price.” The Philippines is called “The Pearl of the Orient.” He said, “Look on the fields, for they are white unto harvest.” He said to pray for more laborers. He gave the parable of the farmer who urgently needed workers in the harvest and went out each hour to hire more. The demand of the harvest was greater than the supply of laborers. It is exciting to be where the harvest is more plenteous than the workers—there are so many opportunities, but it is also heartbreaking to see how much more needs to be done.

After several years of raising money, we were able to purchase a 1/6-acre piece of property for our church. The owner of the facilities we are currently renting agreed to lower the rent to approximately $1,300 a month until May of 2018, at which time it will increase to somewhere between $1,550 and $1,600. Our goal is to construct the foundation and first floor of our building before that time so we can move in. We estimate the foundation will cost $15,000 and the first floor approximately $25,000. The first floor will be more expensive due to the steel over the auditorium, which will eventually support the upper floors. I’m praying that the Lord would put it in your heart to help us with this important project. I believe it will be a valuable and worthwhile investment for the kingdom of God. Ester and I have been sacrificing. We have not taken income from our support for several years and have been living on the church facilities in order to save money. Our people are also giving sacrificially. What a blessing it would be to have our own facilities and not spend the Lord’s money for rent.

Thank you with all our hearts for your prayers, friendship, and financial support for all these years. Only eternity will show the fruits of your sacrifice.

Yours for souls,

Courtney & Ester Godsoe