Courtney Godsoe Prayer Letter:  What an Amazing Place to Be!We thank God for the wonderful privilege of serving Him and for His abundant blessings on our efforts. We saw 2,443 saved during the months of July and August.

What an amazing place to be! There are so many opportunities here to share the Gospel. It seems that everywhere we look, there are people interested in hearing the Gospel and learning God’s Word. We have gone to rural areas, suburbs, schools, businesses, funerals, government offices . . . and the list goes on. We are planning to begin Bible studies soon in two police stations in our city.
One of our most productive times for soul winning is on Sunday afternoons. Many of our folks stay at church between the morning and evening services and have used this time to share the Gospel. Our teens have a fellowship on Sunday afternoons and also go out soul winning.

Ester and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary. Our people are always so good to us. They pitched in and paid for a getaway for us at a local resort. What a refreshing time of rest it was for us! The fact that it was a gift of love from our people made it even more special.

We began our new school year in July. I’m excited about the great interest of our people in our evening Bible institute, with 12 members signing up.

I would like to feature another one of our people, Miss Melanie Dacillo. Her primary responsibility is being our school secretary. Serving in our ministry for over 10 years, she is a hard worker and a soul winner. She is currently discipling two women who have become soul winners and whose families’ have also begun coming to church. Melanie uses a considerable amount of her small income to put her sisters through school and to help her family. She is an excellent seamstress and a very resourceful young lady. One of the unusual ways she has helped is by combatting a serious problem we have had—mice. Mice have done much damage to our church facilities and personal property, including our home and staff and student dorms. Much of Melanie’s clothing was also destroyed. She found different ways to make traps, which have caught almost 100 mice! This might not seem like a ministry-related item, but you can imagine how difficult a problem it was!

Please pray for us, as we are starting a new work in a nearby city. We have been soul winning there on Saturdays, and it is obvious that the Lord has been opening doors. The president of a large subdivision has offered the use of their clubhouse to have services in.

Thank you all so much for your love, prayers, and financial support for all these years to keep us in this amazing harvest field. We are truly grateful. I wish you all could see what God is doing in the Philippines. Someday you all will. Thank you again.

Yours for souls,

Courtney & Ester Godsoe

Miss Melanie Dacillo, School Secretary