Corey McDonald Prayer Letter:  Survey TripThe Lord gave us an amazing trip to Kenya!  God showed us the immense need for His presence and biblical teaching there. We were blessed to see over 40 souls accept Christ. Praise God! We were able to visit 9 churches and more than 20 pastors while we were there.

I had the honor to preach to one church where 21 souls were saved. As I was preaching, I thought that I was preaching to mainly church members. In closing, I gave the Gospel, and many hands were raised. At first, I thought there was a mix-up with the translation, but later I found out that these people were visitors there to see the missionaries.  I was blown away with how God set up this appointment.

One church that we visited was very far into the bush. They met in an open plot, with roughly cut log benches under a canopy of leafy branches. Many of the people in this church had never seen a white person.  The pastor, who is in his early twenties, is doing his best with his limited training. It was encouraging to see his zeal to serve. He is one of several pastors that could greatly benefit from sound doctrinal and soul-winning training.  Here the field is indeed plenteous, and the laborers are truly few.

After the service we had to leave quickly because the rain was coming and the dirt roads would become a slippery mess fast. God allowed us to get to the paved roads just before our second tire blew outside a very small village. When the people saw that there were white people in the car, they became very interested and gathered around to see what was going on. Here we found another great opportunity to see several souls saved.

We have a few friends in Kenya whom we would like you to pray for.  Pastor Jeremiah is uprooting his wife and children to go to a city close to the Somalia border. God has burdened his heart with this area.  Please pray for his safety and for wisdom to reach Muslims.  Wright Jobson has purchased a school. He wants to teach the Kenyan youth true biblical doctrine. Brother Jobson is investing all he has into this school. Please pray for enrollment and longevity.  Pastor Obeko has a Christian school that is getting computers from the government. The school does not have power. Please pray that the power lines make it down the valley to his school.

Before we left for our trip, God blessed us with the selling of our home. We are stepping out on faith and are now traveling full-time!  Please pray as we continue to schedule appointments; pray that churches will partner with us in our goal to reach the world.


Corey McDonald and Family