Christopher Sage Prayer Letter: The Lord Has Done Some Wonderful Things!Thank you for your prayers over the past two months. The Lord has done some wonderful things!

The ministry in Villa Hidalgo and the villages nearby has gone well. Many others have been saved, and the Lord used me to preach in a conference where many were saved and came to church.

By the grace of God, I will make a return visit to the new church in Chalcatongo, Oaxaca, to preach for their first Missions Conference at the end of February. The mother of the pastor there died unexpectedly in January. She was so young and vibrant, and it has been hard on the young pastor and the other family members. I hope to spend some extra days with them.

In April, I would appreciate your prayers for a Bible conference and evangelistic campaign in the new church plant in Chihuahua. The pastor of my sending church, Dr. Dean Noonan, will be preaching the conference. We hope to see many saved and many come to church in the campaign.
Pastor Ramos wants me to help start a new church in the city of San Luis Potosi, as well as teach a two-week class in the Bible college during this semester.

On a personal note, the Lord brought a godly Christian lady, who was highly recommended by Dr. Luis Ramos, into my life last year. Her name is Viry. She was a pastor’s wife for many years. Her husband died five years ago. By the grace of God, we were engaged to be married on Christmas Eve. The wedding will be in June. I know many of you have been praying for this. Viry is a Heaven-sent answer to these prayers! We are very excited about serving the Lord together in this ministry for many years to come.

Prayer Requests

1. The new church plant in the city of San Luis Potosi
2. The conferences and the evangelistic campaign soon
3. Teaching a two-week class in the Bible college this semester
4. The blending of our two lives together in marriage and ministry

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage

FBMI Missionary Chris Sage Prayer Letter Picture

My fiance Viry and I will be getting married in June.