thumbnail of Christopher Sage April 2021 Prayer LetterThank you for your faithful prayers and generous support of this ministry of church planting. You are making a wonderful difference here in Mexico.

The Lord has led me to help a new church get started in a smaller town called Rio Verde. I arrived on February 25. The pastor and I began to knock doors and go soul winning on Tuesday, March 2. I am happy to report that the people have been very receptive to hearing the Gospel. The Lord has also given us the grace to do all diligence with follow-up and discipleship. We have started church services three times a week in the pastor’s apartment. The Lord has already given us two young couples with children who have begun to attend and seem promising. There is also one grandmother with two small children who has been attending faithfully on Sunday mornings and another 50-year-old widowed lady who has been attending every other Thursday.

The Lord has also opened up an opportunity for us to have a church service in a neighboring town on Friday nights and to do a service in a rehabilitation center once a week on Tuesdays. I have also been invited to preach in a Missions Conference on April 24 & 25 in a church nearby.

I will be in Rio Verde for another two to five months, depending on when Dr. Ramos is ready to assign a team of workers to me to help start other churches, together with a project to get the Gospel to every door in Mexico. He is raising funds now for the lodging, food, and transportation expenses of such a team.

By the grace of God, I have made great progress in the purchase of a van for this ministry. I was hoping it would not be so difficult, but I had to study the van market here in Mexico. It has taken many hours to get a sense of vans and pricing. The vans here a very different from those in the United States, but the Lord has narrowed my target vehicle to two or three models.

The church in Queretaro continues to do well. We are looking at a charter service there at the end of July or early August.

Prayer Requests

1. People to come to the church in Rio Verde
2. The funds for the church-planting team
3. Wisdom and the grace of God in buying a van

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage
Missionary to Mexico