Christopher Sage Prayer Letter: A New Church Plant in a Small TownThank you very much for your prayers and support over the past two months. The Lord’s grace and direction never cease to amaze me!

The Lord led me to help in a church in a small town named Villa Hidalgo. Around this small town are several small villages. The life is very different than in the big city. The people have very little to live on and have been deceived by Catholic tradition, but by the grace of God, they have been turning more and more to the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Ramos’ mother-in-law and several others have been working with these people for some time.

On my first Saturday in this new ministry, there was a death in a family. It galvanized the small community of Rancho Nuevo. The family wanted me to preach at the funeral, and I accompanied them to the cemetery. Everyone in these villages seems interrelated, so it was a great opportunity for the Lord to work. It seemed rather strange to have an American missionary in that group of people, but by the Lord’s grace, I was well received. Since then, many have been coming to church and have come to accept the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.

The Lord also used me to fill in for a pastor who had to be away from his church for two weeks. Over 70 people were saved in those two weeks in personal soul winning, and by the grace of God, a new young family began attending faithfully! How wonderful it is to serve the Lord!

I am very excited about the new church-plant project in January with a team of workers. The Lord is putting the team and details together now. The goal is to see a strong, fundamental independent Baptist church that is autonomous and self-supporting within a year’s time. It would be nice to do a new church plant every three to four months. Pastor Ramos also wants me to teach a two-week modular class in the Bible college next semester, and the Lord has given me four opportunities to preach in conferences in December, January, March, and April.

It is wonderful to see the Lord putting things together! Your prayers have been a big part of it. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. I will be praying for you and would appreciate your prayers for the ministry here.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage
Missionary to Mexico