Chris Pattison Prayer Letter:  Financial BlessingsWhat a great start to the New Year! Just in the last week, we have had four churches partner with us to reach the Philippines. We are looking forward to being with the Temple Baptist Church in Manchester, Tennessee. We just finished a conference at Rebecca’s home church in North Carolina.

At the end of this month, I will have the opportunity to visit the Philippines with my pastor for a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to working at Faith Baptist Church of Talisay City, which is where we plan to work when we get to the Philippines. Please pray that I can be a blessing while I’m there.

Please pray for Faith Baptist Church of Talisay. This last year they saw 5,590 people come to Christ and 125 follow the Lord in baptism. This year the goal is to see 10,000 people receive Christ as their Saviour.

Please pray that meetings will open up for us during the summer and winter of this year. Thank you to all the churches that have partnered with us both with prayer and finances. Thank you for loving our family.


The Pattison Family