Charlie Vest Prayer Letter:  Soul Winning Still Works!The past couple of months have presented some tremendous soul-winning opportunities, which I would like to share with you. Back in October one of the staff members asked me to go with him to visit a lady and a couple of workers who needed to be saved. When I arrived, she, along with her husband and workers, were all receptive and trusted Christ as Saviour.

Late one evening in November, I received a text from a member of First Baptist Church of Hammond who had family in GenSan. Mrs. Karen Kalaap had her contact me to visit her cousin’s father who had just had a stroke and was hospitalized in Manila. I went to the family’s home, but the cousin was not there. Instead I met some other members of the Jason Westborlan family, along with some folks visiting their store, and led them to the Lord. Praise the Lord for a burdened family member and a faithful FBMI staff member who were able to have a part in souls being saved 8,000 miles away!

One of the faithful members of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church has a business teaching people who have applied for overseas work to pass a language-proficiency test for employment. Bro. Joel Simbajan asked me to come pray for them before their exam. I shared the Gospel with them, and they all received Jesus as their Saviour!

Perhaps the most exciting experience I have had in years was leading Robert White, a former U.S. congressman from New Mexico, to the Lord. He was a very devout Mormon but a very immoral man, living here with a couple of women, neither of whom was his wife. He had been diagnosed with cancer and given only a couple of months to live. Many had previously visited him, but earlier in the day, he had called a fellow missionary and said he had some questions. He readily received Christ after we arrived. Praise God! Soul winning never gets old and still works.

In January we will return to Bacolod to hold an A.W.B.M. Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference. Please pray for the funds still needed to host the men who are coming.

This has been a wonderful year for our family, and we anticipate an even greater one in 2016. We thank each of you for the part you have in our ministry here in the Philippines. May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

The Vest Family