Charlie Vest Prayer Letter:  Missions Trips to India and the Middle EastIn July, it was wonderful to fly back to the U.S. for a short visit with 2 of my kids and 14 of my grandchildren. We all met at my son’s home and spent a precious few days together. It is always a difficult time when returning, but once back in the Philippines, I resumed teaching a couple of college classes and training the next generation.

This month we traveled as a family to India and the Middle Eastern country of Qatar for two missions conferences. In India we visited a church in Hyderabad, which was founded by a Filipino missionary and is now pastored by a fine Indian preacher who was trained in the Philippines. He is supported monthly by A.W.B.M. It was a blessing to see many surrender to missions and to the will of God for their lives. Brianna met some sweet missionary kids and enjoyed getting to wear the native sari to a service.

In Qatar we visited a longtime friend and Filipino preacher who has built a remarkable work and is reaching men from eight different African countries in his unique ministry there. God moved wonderfully in all of the services, and the church increased their Faith Promise commitment to beyond what 90% of our American churches would give annually. What a tremendous contrast of the wealth of this Muslim nation and that of poverty in India among the largest Hindu population in the world. Please pray for India and the Middle Eastern countries.

I would ask you to please pray for a couple of projects I am currently working on. First, I am trying to raise $5,000 for the printing of 1,000 copies of the book Answers by Keith Piper for Bible colleges in India. We could give away over 20,000 of them if we had them on hand today. The second need is for books to populate our college library here at Mt. Calvary Baptist College. If you have books you could donate, please contact me to arrange for getting them sent here. This would be a tremendous help to a fine group of students preparing for the ministry.
In the coming months, I will be speaking at a missions conference locally and also at a pastors’ conference on the island of Mindoro among a group of tribal pastors. Please pray that God will allow us to have an influence among these men.

What a pleasure it is to represent you throughout Asia!

The Vests