Charles Newton's Prayer Letter Eager To Do His WorkWe are finishing our fifth month of deputation. I would like, first and foremost, to thank each of you who have prayed for us these past few months. We have driven almost 5,000 miles since the start of deputation, and the Lord has brought us safely to each meeting. I am thankful for the many people we have met so far and the many I know who pray for us on a regular basis.

Last month was a little slow, but every month our support has continued to grow. We have presented our ministry in many churches and are very thankful for each one’s blessing toward our ministry. We have quite a few churches that have promised to support us; please pray with us that this support will begin to come in soon. Although we are enjoying our time on the road, we are eager to get to the field and start the work that God has called us to do. We desire not only to spread the Gospel but also to be a worthy return on your investment. Since we started full-time deputation, we have seen 28 souls saved. We are excited that God is using us to reach souls here in the States.

I would like to make a trip to Kenya before the year ends. It has been four years since I have been to Africa, and I have yet to visit Kenya. If you will, please pray that God will supply the finances for me to be able to go.

I would like to end on a good note. With that being said, we are expecting our second baby, and it’s a boy! We are expecting him this coming January.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers: first for a healthy pregnancy for Melissa and also for us to continue to line up meetings for 2019.

In His service,

The Newton Family