Charles Newton Prayer Letter:  There Is Work to Be DoneWe have been extremely busy these past few months with back-to-back meetings. God has blessed us and continually makes it clear that He is in control. We have seen our support come up every month so far.

I have spent these last two weeks in Kenya. I want to thank the pastors and churches that have invested in this trip, both financially and in prayer. I have been traveling with veteran missionary Peter Morris. We traveled to five different cities, many more churches, and held seven pastor seminars. In these pastor seminars, we taught and trained the pastors in sound doctrine and have provided materials to help equip them in their ministries. I was greatly encouraged by many of these pastors; most were willing to learn and showed great promise.

The people in Kenya are heavily indoctrinated with a works-salvation mentality. This being said, eternal security is one of the most difficult subjects for them to understand. On one occasion, it took over an hour to lead a man to the Lord because he could not comprehend that salvation did not rely on his good works. In spite of this mentality, the majority of people are open to the Gospel. I praise the Lord that by the end of our trip, we had the privilege to see 33 adults come to know Christ.

As we drove across Kenya, I saw many small towns and villages, and I could not help but cry and wonder if they even have a chance. Is there anyone there trying to reach them? God stirred my heart once again for the work that needs to be done and for the great need in East Africa. My heart was grieved as I left. I am already looking forward to the time my family and I can go back, but everything is in God’s timing.

Please pray that we will raise our support quickly. There is a lot of work to be done and only so much time in which to do it.

In His service,

The Newton Family