Charles Newton Prayer Letter:  God Is Allowing Us to Serve HimIt is amazing how God is allowing us to serve Him. We have been very busy presenting the work that God has given us to do. Over the last 2 months, we have had the opportunity to be in 12 different churches. God has blessed us tremendously; in that, 5 of those churches voted to take us on for support. Please continue to pray that more churches will bring us on for support so we can get to the field quickly.

One of the biggest joys of deputation is having the opportunity to serve alongside other like-minded men and women for the purpose of spreading the Gospel. In these last 2 months, God has allowed us to personally see 10 people saved and 2 people called to the mission field. Our biggest goal on deputation, other than raising the support we need and winning souls, is to stir the hearts of people in every church we visit to help them see the need for more missionaries in hopes that they might answer the call as well.

Thank you to all our supporting churches and those churches that have given and sacrificed to make what we do possible. We recognize that if it wasn’t for people like you, people like us could not go. Thank you for all you do in getting the Gospel to all the world.

In His service,

The Newton Family