Charles Newton Prayer Letter: Blessings Abound!We have had a very busy time these last couple of months. We just finished up our tenth Missions Conference/Missions Sunday in a seven-week span. We have been completely spoiled by these churches, and we are excited to say that many of them have already voted to partner with us in the ministry.

We have not only been blessed with our meetings, but God has also blessed us with another child on the way. It’s a little girl we are adding to the mix, and the due date is in March.

I am grateful for our deputation ministry and honored that we get to be a blessing to many churches. Recently I was out visiting in Kansas City with one of the teenagers from the church we were visiting. The teenager was asking me many questions, trying to decide if he should be a missionary or not. While we were out, we had the opportunity to lead a family of three to the Lord, one of whom was a self-proclaimed Atheist. When we left the house, the teenager asked if we could stop and pray. Right there on the street, he surrendered to be a missionary.

If you would, please pray for my “friend.” I am not able to go into any details due to the situation. He is an African national that has been arrested, and the local government is attempting to charge him with “leaving Islam” and actively converting people to Christianity. This has been labeled as “treason”. He told me, “Let God’s will be done. I have been wanting to start a Prison Ministry anyway.”

In His service,

The Newton Family