Charles Newton Prayer Letter:  A Better UnderstandingWe serve a great God. We have been immensely blessed in the amount of souls we have seen saved, as well as in the many new partnering churches.

I had a very unique opportunity to lead a 17-year-old by the name of Dominiec to the Lord. We were out running errands when I noticed a young Mormon trying to witness to Dominiec. By the look on Dominiec’s face, I could tell he was looking for answers. For me, I wanted him to have the right answers. I approached the two and asked if I could listen, never telling either of them that I was a Christian or a missionary. Shortly into listening, I began to challenge some of the teachings of this Mormon. This young Mormon looked at me and said that I just needed to listen because he knew more about the Bible than most. At that point, I told him that I was actually a missionary going to Africa, and I began to share the Gospel. Needless to say, the Mormon quickly left. I looked at Dominiec, who stood there the entire time, and I asked him if he would like to know what the Bible actually said. Thirty minutes later, he called on Christ.

God has been opening more doors for us to meet and talk to Christians in some of the closed countries in East Africa. Because of this, we have a better understanding of the reality of persecution in the rest of the world and how normal it really is for them.

I had a scheduled phone call with a man in one of these areas. He told me that his dad was arrested for being accused of being a Christian. He asked me to pray for his dad, and I did. It was a prayer that we as Americans would expect—protect him, keep him safe, and allow him to get released. After I prayed, this man said one of the most convicting things to me. He said, “That was a nice prayer, but that is not what I want you to pray for.” He asked me to pray again, but this time to pray that his dad would take the beatings as Jesus did, that his dad’s faith would not be broken, and that they would stand as a light for Jesus . . . even if it meant death. What true dedication to Christ!

In His service,

The Newton Family