Charles and Melissa Newton Prayer Letter: We Have Arrived in Kenya!Praise the Lord! After several years of deputation, my family and I have arrived in Kenya! After a 22-hour trip, we arrived roughly at 9:30 p.m. on September 27. We have all adjusted to the time change and have just recently moved into our new apartment.

If you will, please pray for our shipping container to arrive soon and for us to locate an inexpensive, reliable vehicle. Due to everything going on in the U.S. with imports and exports, our shipping container is now an estimated six weeks late. Luckily, other missionaries here have graciously allowed us to borrow some items until our stuff arrives. Pertaining to the vehicle, we had a few unforeseen expenses that now leave us unable to buy one. God has still provided, though, and we have found a local man here whom we have been paying to be our driver until we find a vehicle.

We had an opportunity to preach at a small local church not far out of Nairobi last week. The pastor of the church had promoted it as a big day and had many first-time visitors. I preached both morning services, and Melissa was asked to do the children’s church. At the end of the day, we had the opportunity to see 13 accept Christ as Saviour.

Although we are taking time to settle in and adjust, there is still much work to do. The door has been opened, and we are already planning my first trip to South Sudan. This trip will take place in the next several weeks and will be a five-day trip —one day of travel each way and three days in the country. We are taking water purifiers, equipment to show the Jesus Film, and Bibles, hopefully, with us. We plan to minister in 10 villages near the border of Kenya, half of which are reasonably remote. We estimate the entire cost of this trip will be about $800, all expenses included. Pray for God to protect us on the trip and for the hearts of the people to be opened.

We are beyond excited to finally be here and start the next chapter of our lives and ministry. Thank you to everyone for partnering with us to do our work and ministry.

In His service,

The Newton Family