Charles and Melissa Newton Prayer Letter: Celebrating One Year on the Field!Thank you for your faithful support of our ministry. We have been living on the mission field for one year, although It feels like we just arrived here a few weeks ago. So much has happened since we arrived. We have been blessed to see 572 people receive Christ this past year.

A few weeks ago, we had our Baptism Sunday, where we had the privilege to baptize ten of our new converts, and in the coming weeks, we plan to baptize ten more. The church has been averaging 30-40 people every Sunday. We have taken things slowly for the church, as we need to address numerous false teachings and false doctrines. We have spent many hours in discipleship with our members, and they have matured spiritually so much over the last two months. Many of the members have already started volunteering in the services. Four of the members have started attending our visitation and soul-winning times.

One of the men named Jameson has almost completed discipleship and faithfully goes out every week sharing the Gospel; he is now able to present the Gospel and eternal security to the people he witnesses to with no help from me. Please pray as Jameson continues to grow spiritually.

Currently, the Faith Baptist Church is set up as a Bible study since we have not yet formed under a Statement of Faith or Church Constitution, and we have yet to select deacons. Obviously, we cannot do this because the people are not spiritually ready yet. We pray that in the next six weeks, we will be able to form our church Biblically and select two deacons.

Whenever someone visits our church, I schedule a time to have Chai “Kenyan Tea” with them sometime during the week. I use this time to get to know our visitors, which usually ends with me leading them to the Lord. One man in particular named Alex received Christ and went home to tell his wife about the mzungu (“white”) pastor and how Christ forgave him. I later got to meet his family and discovered that Alex described me as “the strangest pastor he had ever met.” This is because we would label most of the pastors here as false prophets who are in the ministry for power or money. Seeing a pastor carry out his Biblical duties here is very uncommon.

It has been a blessing to pastor the people here, and we are excited to see what God will do with Faith Baptist Church.

In His service,

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