Charles and Melissa Newton Prayer Letter: Busy During Our TransitionWe have been in Africa for three months now, and our family has adjusted well to our new home. Because our kids are so young, they seem to know no difference. We are grateful for an easy transition, but an easy transition does not mean we haven’t been busy.

First, we have already started the filing process for our NGOs in both Kenya and South Sudan. This will allow us easy access into these areas and will also allow us to grant other missionaries access to these countries.

Last month, we met with our new potential security team, which will assist us as we start placing radio towers in various locations to reach many unreached and persecuted people. Besides the financial obligation, a security team was probably our most significant need pertaining to this project, and it lined up perfectly. Please pray for God to open more doors for us and pray for His direction. There is such a need here; it seems everywhere we turn, someone needs help.

Recently, we started holding various outreach programs in some of the poorest parts of the country, resulting in many coming to Christ. We have also begun broadcasting the Gospel to many surrounding nations through social media. The broadcasting has gone into five limited- or restricted-access countries in six different languages. We have spent many hours on the materials and talking through salvation with the people who have no concept of Christianity or redemption. Something like this seems so minor but has brought a great harvest. With all of these programs going, we have had the privilege to see 327 people come to Christ, many of whom are people currently residing in Muslim countries.

This month, we begin language school to learn Swahili; although we will continue ministering, this will be the primary focus of our time for the next ten weeks. Pray that we take to the language quickly.

In His service,

The Newton Family