Chad Inman Prayer Letter: “And he said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”“And he said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” Mark 4:9

Our first month included many miles but even more blessings with the friendships we made. Cities traveled included Fort Wayne, Indiana; Sherwood, Oregon; Brentwood, California; Wildomar, California; Gilbert, Arizona; and Jefferson City, Missouri. We are happy and thankful to report that our support is at 86%.

After making several good visits with Bro. Justin Schantz on his route Saturday morning near Sherwood, Oregon, my kids were putting in their requests for Thai food. The Western U.S. seems to have more authentic Thai food, with some exceptions, of course. Using the GPS, the first Thai restaurant we arrived at was closed. Likewise, it was the same for the second Thai restaurant. The third one was quite a distance away, but we were headed in that direction, so we drove there. We arrived at a small restaurant, tucked into the middle of a shopping center; and the “OPEN” sign was lit.

We walked in and met a nice Thai woman named Crystal. We had the place to ourselves. Crystal grew up in Bangkok and, at the age of 23, moved to Oregon with her U.S.-born husband. She had started the restaurant with another family member over 20 years before. Her marriage fell into problems, and she very obviously turned to God for hope and direction versus blaming. As we told Crystal about our missionary work in Thailand, she became more and more interested in talking about the things of God. She shared how so many Thai people are trapped under the fear that takes place in Buddhism. We had a long amount of uninterrupted time where Crystal could learn and understand the Gospel of our Lord and more. Crystal understood the saving grace of our Lord and put her faith in Jesus to be forgiven and taken to Heaven. I explained eternal security with Crystal and growing in the Lord. When all was said and done, Crystal wants the people of Thailand to have the salvation, hope, and eternal security she gained knowledge of on January 13, 2018. We do too!

One week later in Wildomar, California, I was visiting with bus captain, Go Oishi. Go and his future wife are planning to be missionaries to Japan upon graduation from Pacific Baptist College. We visited several houses, some new and some old. Our last visit was with a Nepalese family. A mom and her daughter had recently moved in. With the little girl asking so many questions along the way, Mom and her daughter were sweetly saved. Please pray for the growth of this young family and also for the Oishi family as they prepare for their mission work in Japan.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragements!

Grateful to serve,
Chad Inman and Family