Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  "As a Tree Planted by the Waters"“. . . AS A TREE PLANTED BY THE WATERS, AND THAT SPREADETH OUT HER ROOTS BY THE RIVER . . . .” (JEREMIAH 17:8)

Thank you to so many who have made our year and ministry successful, enjoyable, comfortable, and abundant. Each meeting across our 45,000-mile journey has been what we see as the Lord’s will and excitingly important. We look forward to meeting those scheduled this upcoming year, with our eventual return to Thailand, reaching souls for Him from the 65 million-plus.

Reflecting back on our 7.5 years of service in Thailand, one experience in particular stands out as a “barrier breaker” or where “our tree roots were planted deep.” The Bangkok flood of 2011 brought many sorrows, as our area was flooded for over two months with chest-high, toxic water. Living three hours south during that time allowed our family to live and learn with many of our Thai church members and families. Nearby, a military camp served meals three times a day for people escaping the flood. The food was free, completely Thai (including the squid, spices, and other unique items), and eaten in an open-air pavilion, usually with random pigs walking around. We lived this life for over a month, and the experience helped knit our hearts to the Thai people, culture, and food of this great kingdom. Shortly after, the Lord showed us many ways to live healthier and more economically, with increased comfort and contentment among the nationals and their style of living, ultimately making Thailand “home.” We have seen in Thailand and nearby countries the incredible opportunity to populate churches and church members through the Lord. We thank you for praying for us as we prepare to return and for the many missionaries in Thailand who are giving the Gospel and helping to plant churches.

In December the Thailand churches of IBC-Hua Hin and FBC-Don Muang together saw nearly 4,000 students hear the Gospel and be given Scriptures and materials in the Thai language (BEST Ministries, Dr. Bob Bowen and Dr. Curtis Hall). Thank you for praying for the missionaries, church members, and students involved in the meetings.

Here in the States, we had great meetings this month and were able to revisit some churches, giving the midweek Bible study. Sarah was asked to speak for ladies’ meetings in two churches this month; she was thrilled to be involved. We thank the many who made our Christmas extra special, being able to buy toys that our kids have sampled and enjoyed across our journey this year. May your 2017 be a year where you grow closer to Him. May the Lord bless you!

Grateful to serve,

Chad Inman and Family