Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Another Independent Fundamental Baptist Church Added to ThailandBig problems, such as shutdowns, often bring big blessings and good opportunities to help and serve. In May, our language school made many food donations to our students’ families and used this avenue to get the Gospel into their homes. Eighteen people were saved, either within the families or their nearby neighbors. Some of the families really needed the food; and, of course, they needed salvation!

Beginning June 7, 2020, International Baptist Church of Nong Phlap came out of quarantine as a fully independent church, holding two services each Sunday. Over the last three weeks, the combined attendances for those services were 49, 73, and 101. On June 16, we added a Midweek Discipleship Bible Study. The Lord has brought an average of 22 to this weekly discipleship service who are eager to learn the Word of God. Altogether in the month of June, at least 19 first-time visitors have come to the services, with many saved by the grace and knowledge of Jesus, both in the services and out soul winning. Pong Sirichanokmas, a Thailand native, is the official pastor of the International Baptist Church Nong Phlap. I have known and worked with Pong and his family since 2008. He is very happy, and so are we! Star, a fervent young man for the Lord, is also working as an assistant at the church. Star and I have worked and trained together since 2013. Star and Pong have devoted their lives to serve the Lord in this needy country. It is an honor and privilege to work with these men and their families and to help this church become everything the Lord would have it to be. My wife Sarah is helping the ladies as they put together the children’s programs, while I help with the visiting, discipleship, and organization of the church in its early, fully independent days. This is an exciting time where our Team Thailand can look at this church and be thankful for fruit the church is and will be producing: believers and families who love the Lord and His Word. We pray, work, and watch for the deep reach the church will have in this hardworking community.

Each week, most members have arrived to church 30-plus minutes early to sing hymns together. There is a sweet spirit as people sing, fellowship, and follow the preaching of the services. Throughout the week, Pong, Star, and I schedule good windows, making visits together, both giving the Gospel and inviting people to church. Our hope, in July, is for the church to begin renting the building next door to add space for the growing attendances and classes. Please pray for this need, as the building will double our space.

Thank you for your heartful prayers and endurance during these unique times. It is your prayers, faithfulness to the Lord, service to others, and heart for missions that will certainly be difference makers in this world. We look forward to keeping you updated from our vantage point, here in the warm confines of Thailand.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family