Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Jesus Is Alive . . . And So Is the ChurchPraise the Lord for His providing a month of ministry blessings. Your prayers and encouragements play a vital part! The IBC-Nong Phlap church had two very special Sundays in April of 2022. April 10, we remembered Jesus together with the Lord’s Supper, having 87 in attendance. Many of our church members adjust work schedules, and sacrifices are made to attend the special days. On April 17, we honored Jesus’ resurrection together, having, by conservative counts, 112 in the service. We are encouraged with larger attendances, but more important are the spiritual needs of each person who comes. Over both weeks and across April, we saw first-time visitors and just a flood of great fellowship, service, and growth. On April 10 after the services, we had several members who asked if we could have a work day on Wednesday, April 13, to clean, paint, and upgrade the church facilities for the following Resurrection Sunday. April 13 is a national holiday in Thailand and one of the few weekdays all year our people have the day off from work. It would almost be like you and I volunteering our whole day off on July 4th to spruce up the church—bless their souls. What a difference the efforts of roughly 20 people made (members and staff) in the overall appearance of the church (our neighboring businesses and homes had their areas cleaned up as well). Fai, the young lady whom we’ve asked for prayer for, gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Sunday evening, April 10 (an answer to prayer). Sunday, April 17, Fai dedicated her newborn baby boy to the Lord in the church service. All that to say, serving the Lord, through physical work on the church and helping others, was the theme woven within the hearts of all who came for both of the special Sundays.

Resurrection Sunday

This day was somewhat of a “resurrection to normalcy” for our church from past virus outbreaks and restrictions. Our Thai national pastor, Pong Sirichanokmak, as a good shepherd, went to talk to a local village leader. A good group of our church people work for this leader in private businesses. He likes our church and gave full assurance towards our special days. We hope he will come to church soon. The Lord is using Pong to be a strong leader for our people as he humbly serves the Lord.

Answered Prayers

Every Wednesday night, our members share blessings and prayer requests. Over time, the list becomes long. When our Team Thailand men met to pray together last Friday, I shared the many numerous green circles or answered prayers on my prayer list. We have seen so many answers to prayer, and I know your prayers are heard by our Lord. What a great God we serve!

Soul Winning

This past week, planned soul-winning outings were made on four different days. On a Thursday afternoon, Sarah sat down with a young lady named Kaow, age 21. Kaow’s face was guarded. As Sarah gave the Gospel to Kaow, the Holy Spirit led Sarah to speak about the Saviour’s love, His forgiveness, and the healing of broken hearts; and Kaow’s face changed. You could see the hurt in her eyes, the tears, and the desire for the peace that passes all understanding. After Kaow gave her heart to Jesus, she looked up with the biggest smile of joy. We serve a God Who changes lives! On a Friday morning, Star and I met a taxi driver waiting for a customer. He listened, but a short time later, another taxi driver walked up and looked down at me with the look of “What are you doing here?” He was a big guy named Warawoot. With kindness and boldness, I told Warawoot, “Sit down here. I’m going to teach you.” He seemed a little surprised, but since he had nothing but time on his hands, he sat down and started to listen. We finished up, and I asked Warawoot, “Do you understand everything we told you?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Warawoot, you need to get saved; you need to know for sure you’re going to Heaven.” His face and body language had done a full 180 from when we started talking to him. In the beginning, he was tight and irritated; now he was relaxed, meek, and knowing he needed God. He was nearly in a prayer position by the time we asked him if he wanted to pray. Warawoot was joyously saved and now has a home in Heaven waiting for him. With an invitation to church, we will follow up with him, giving him more encouragement and more of the Word of God. Twenty souls were saved in April (through April 26). We thank the Lord for the great work He does.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family

Pictures for this letter can be downloaded at Inman Family April 2022 Prayer Letter Pictures.