Caleb Christiansen Prayer Letter:  Nigeria Sunday in NebraskaThis month, Emma, at three months old, had her first ride on a church bus. Emily and I have both worked on bus routes for many years and from a young age. It was great introducing Emma to this great ministry at such a young age. She did great!

We had a special treat awaiting us in Nebraska when we spent a weekend with the North Platte Baptist Church. When we returned from soul winning with the church on Saturday, we dis-covered that the church had put Nigerian flags and decorations all over the auditorium to prepare for “Nigeria Sunday.” We found that two Nigerian families were members of the church, and we saw them on Sunday. It was a joy spending time with them, eating traditional Nigerian food, and discussing Nigeria. We had a wonderful time, although it did make us just a little more homesick for Nigeria.

God has blessed us so much. I believe much of that is due to your prayers. Just this month, five churches have reached out to us, informing us that they will be supporting us. Praise the Lord! It is such an honor to partner with these churches in the Great Commissions. We are so excited to be getting closer to Nigeria all the time.

That all the world may know,

Caleb Christiansen