Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  Showers of BlessingWe’ve had some exciting times traveling these past several weeks with some unique firsts in our deputation travels. We are halfway through the month of March, and I have much to write about already for sure, but for now I must update y’all on February’s travels.

We began the month in Tennessee near Nashville at South Haven Baptist Church of Springfield, Tennessee. We attended what would become the most unique missions conference we’ve ever attended. All of us missionaries were showered with love from the church in many ways, but I’ll narrow it down to the parade. Without knowing any of this was coming, we were decked out in ponchos and safety goggles. I’m sure you can imagine our trepidation at what was coming that would require those items. We were then loaded onto makeshift floats and pulled into their auditorium, and at once, the students of their school showered us with paper confetti so thickly that we were covered up to our necks! They cheered for us and treated us all to custom-made skits about missions from each grade. At the end, they gave us a wonderful gift. The best part is that they voted to take us on for support at the end of the conference.

Our next meeting was in Flintstone, Georgia, at Valley View Baptist Church, where we met some wonderful folks. We had our next unique experience in Orange Park, Florida, at Central Baptist Church. Pastor Jerry Thrower and his church family have been praying for us ever since we dropped into their church a couple of years ago. Their prayers ultimately led them to wanting to support our ministry. We were able to visit again and found out that before we even got there, they had voted as a church to support us!

Our last two meetings were also in Florida. I presented and preached at Lock Haven Baptist Church of Orlando the following Sunday. Next, I presented and preached at Bible Baptist Church of Live Oak, Florida. This church has been such a blessing to my wife and me over our deputation travels. We first learned of them through our prophet’s chamber list, and we’ve been frequent visitors ever since. We’re so thankful for every church that makes the effort to have a place for missionaries. These dear folks have our deepest gratitude for all they’ve done for us.

We still have a way to go, my friends, but I’m still very encouraged, because every month we’ve traveled since January, our supporters have increased by one or more churches. Please continue to pray that more and more would come in.

Pressing toward the mark,

Brian Hebert