Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  Happy New Year!Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your faithful support this past year. There is simply no way to express fully how much it means to us that you and your church have been praying for us during our travels far and wide. This past year we have literally gone from coast to coast seeking out churches with a likeminded heart for the souls of Toronto. God has not only given us many new supporters but also many new friends. The challenges of this deputation lifestyle we are living now cannot be compared to the joys we have experienced in meeting and fellowshipping with God’s people all across this widely diverse and wildly beautiful country of ours.

We had one meeting in December, for which we are thankful because this is not typically a good month for meetings. We had the great joy and privilege of presenting our work at the great Gospel Light Baptist Church in Walkertown, North Carolina. If you know Dr. Bobby Roberson, you understand why I call it “great.” Dr. Roberson has been a hero of mine, whom I’ve admired from afar, because of his zeal for the Bus Ministry. Being reached as a bus kid, it warms my heart to see a fleet of buses parked in the lots, waiting to radiate the Gospel to families throughout the Winston-Salem region each Sunday. God has used Dr. Roberson to build a wonderful church, which he has now pastored for 60 years! We give God all the glory for what He has done there and hope that He will use us to do the same in Toronto. The rest of December, we have spent recuperating from our crazy travels and scheduling meetings for 2017. Much of our calendar is already filled, but we do lack some key time slots to truly make it a full year of good traveling. Please be much in prayer for this. Once we do hit the road again, it will be for three months, with only a small break at home afterwards; and then we have another solid month of missions conferences and weekend meetings. To say the least, we will be quite busy as this year’s travel commences.

We rejoice in the souls that we have personally led to Christ this year and the many others with whom we were able to sow the seed of the Gospel. This year’s witnessing opportunities afforded me the first chance to witness and win a couple of souls to Christ in Spanish. The year 2016 also brought other unique first-time experiences, like preaching in a Skid Row rescue mission, a college chapel, and a Southern California slum. We saw the Grand Canyon and the expansive shoreline of our Pacific Ocean. What a year God has given us! Our little Corolla traveled just over 27,000 miles to our meetings. We presented our ministry a total of 64 times. Our promised support level has peaked at a little over 60% now. Hallelujah! Please pray with us that God would supply this much needed support and so much more in the coming months, as many churches vote in new missionaries at the turn of the New Year. Please pray for God’s will to be done in our lives. Pray that God will bless our schedule and travels. Let’s have a great year in the Lord together.

Thanks to Calvary,

Brian Hebert