Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  Full ScheduleDear Pastors and Praying Friends,

The Bible says in Psalm 34:8, “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” We started deputation with the mindset of total trust in God for meetings and support, and Liz and I have not been disappointed. God has been so good to us that it has been an “all-you-can- eat buffet” of blessings in the month of April. What is most exciting is that, with the exception of two services, we have had a scheduled meeting for every church service. Three of those meetings were exciting missions conferences in three different states! Also, my wife had the blessing of befriending a lady named Toni at the missions conference of the Grace Baptist Church in Newport, North Carolina, as well as helping her find assurance of her salvation in one of the final services of the conference. It has been our joy passing out many tracts and witnessing to people as we travel and serve with the churches we visit. We also praise God that we have gained two more supporters this month!

So far, Liz and I have gone all the way from Northwest Indiana to Coastal North Carolina to Central Pennsylvania. It has been our pleasure on our travels to meet several missionary families going to many different countries. My heart is encouraged to see so many fine people going to serve the Lord around the world. We have learned much from them and have gained many friends. In each church Liz and I have found that we felt more like we were among family than among strangers. On every occasion we have been treated with the utmost respect and love. Special thanks go to Pastor Caleb Hon and Providence Baptist Church in Lowell, Indiana; Pastor Clyde Eborn and Grace Baptist Church in Newport, North Carolina; Pastor Rodney Humphrey and Solid Rock Baptist Church in Pink Hill, North Carolina; Pastor Jeremai Byrd and Old Paths Baptist Church in Moyock, North Carolina; Pastor Joe Hughes and the Exodus Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina; and Pastor Marshall Wolverton and Lighthouse Baptist Church in Lehighton, Pennsylvania.

I ask you to continue to pray that we get more meetings in churches and that the Lord would use me to inspire more people to surrender to full-time service for the Lord on the mission field. I also request that you all be in prayer for the salvation of my extended family. I have been much burdened as of late for their salvation. Pray that we can see souls saved as we travel. Lastly, pray for wisdom in meeting some personal needs that we have in order to be more effective for the Lord. May God richly bless you all.

His servant and yours,

Brian Hebert