Brian George Prayer Letter:  Exciting News!

Exciting News

The property behind Bethel Baptist Church is up for sale. The church is landlocked, surrounded by businesses and houses. We can purchase this vacant lot and use it to expand the church and all its ministries. This will help us expand the auditorium in order to seat more people. Currently the auditorium is packed out every Sunday. We desperately need to expand. This vacant lot is 30 feet by 120 feet. We could purchase it and move the church bathrooms, kitchen, fellowship hall, and dormitories for the Bible college onto the lot. The owner of the property is asking US$40,000. We already have set aside for this purchase US$9,600. We would like for you to pray for this need. Pray that we will be able to purchase the lot before someone else gets to it. This is really exciting! We have been praying for this for many years. Thank you for your prayers!


We currently are on furlough in the USA; we are traveling out East visiting churches. We have driven over 10,000 miles so far while visiting 2-3 churches a week. We have been in the following states: Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. We had some really good meetings. We thank God for the pastors who are standing behind us. Praise the Lord! Churches and individuals are still giving to the cause of missions. We are not able to get into all of our supporting churches for the sake of time, but we thank you for your support and prayers.

Work Team

From August 10-20 of this year, a work team is going to our church in Argentina to work on the electrical work and other miscellaneous projects. We already have a group that is committed to go. If you are interested in going, you are welcome. We would love for you to join this team. During this week, we will be doing evangelistic outreaches, visiting different churches, and then, during the daytime, working on the church wiring.

The Lord’s Work

The Bible college of Bethel Baptist Church has been able to have a part in starting works in different countries of the world. In the USA we have Pastor Mario Arjona in Douglasville, Georgia. He has started a Spanish church. His church has won to Christ and sent out three families that are starting churches in Spanish countries. Praise the Lord! In Bolivia we have two graduates: Pastor Franco Ibanez and Pastor Nicolas Choqui. In Paraguay we have a graduate in Asuncion. In Ecuador we have Pastor Janio Mena. Praise the Lord for these new works that are being established in different parts of the world!

Thank you for your prayers and support! We praise the Lord for you – our prayer warriors!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George