Brian George Prayer Letter:  Children's Camp and Soul-Winning ConferenceFEBRUARY—CHILDREN’S CAMP

In February we had our first children’s camp here at our house on our property. One of the biggest blessings of having seven acres of land is that we are able to have church activities here. There were 40 people here, including the workers, for 3 days of camp. We had the girls stay in the house, and the boys camped in tents outside. The camp was for ages 8 through 12. Every day there were Bible lessons, as well as fun activities. Lord willing, we hope to do it again next year.


We thank the Lord that through those of you who gave Christmas gifts, we were able to bring Benjamin home. He came home in March and plans on staying till the middle of December. Our home pastor felt it would be good for him to come back home, as it was such an adjustment for him to live in the United States. One has to take into consideration that he has lived here in Argentina since he was just two years old, so he is more Argentine than American.


April 9-12, our family went to Tilcara, Jujuy, for a soul-winning conference. Pastor Hector Catani from Buenos Aires, Pastor Benjamin Romero from California, and Missionary Xavier Lopez from La Paz, Bolivia, were the guest speakers. There was a lot of good, hard preaching and time to go out soul winning. Over 300 people were present for the evening services. More than 80 people were led to Christ during the soul-winning time. The Lord really used the conference as a tremendous encouragement and motivation to our family. We praise the Lord that as a result of the conference, 2 people were baptized this past Sunday. Lord willing, we will see more baptized this next Sunday.


It has been really exciting these past Sundays at Bet-El Baptist Church here in Tucuman, Argentina!! We have been having competitions between the bus routes, to see which route brings the most NEW visitors. As a result, this past Sunday we had 60 first-time visitors. The route that brought the most had 19 first-time visitors! The second- and third-place routes tied, with each bringing 14 first-time visitors. So in those 3 routes alone, we had 47 first-time visitors!! For those of you who maybe don’t understand, about 60-70 percent of the people who come to our church come on the public transportation that the church provides. Many people who come to our church don’t even own a vehicle. They are used to getting around through public transportation. The church people have worked hard, and there has been a tremendous spirit amongst everyone as a result. Praise the Lord for His blessings in this area!!

Thank you for your love and support. We pray that the Lord will richly bless you and use you as we serve Him together.

The Brian George Family