Evangelist James Belisle (pictured on the left) and I

Brian George Prayer Letter: A Great Victory!Evangelist James Belisle was able to be with us for almost two weeks. I was able to translate into Spanish his messages and the lessons he taught to our Bible college students. Bro. Belisle has a very exciting and productive ministry to help the missionary. He preached the Word with a lot of power and clarity. I was able to go soul winning door to door, and we had 5 saved.We also had first-time visitors in church Sunday. Many were saved during the invitations also! Praise the Lord!

This past Thursday, Augustina came to church for the first time. She had a problem with demon possession. Before the service she went out of control, and I requested that they take her home. After the service I was able to go to her house and deal with her problem. We prayed for the demon and any other bad spirits to leave! She passed out, but when she came to herself, she was normal. We proceeded to give the entire family the plan of salvation. We took our time to make sure that they understood God’s plan of salvation. That night Augustina, her mother, her brother, and her two sisters prayed to ask Jesus to be their personal Saviour! Praise the Lord! This is a Catholic family with a lot of images. This past Sunday the entire family came to church. We plan to visit them on a regular basis to encourage them in their newfound faith. This was a great victory!

We are going back to the USA for a furlough! It has been over six years since we took a furlough. Our desire and goal is to be able to come to your church to give an exciting report about the work of church planting in Argentina. If you have a missions conference between January and June 2017, please let me know. We would love to visit with you and your church family!

The Bethel Baptist Church is a super exciting church. Every week we see first-time visitors, people baptized, people saved, and the auditorium packed out with no chairs to spare! Praise the Lord!!

Thank you for your prayers and support! Your support keeps us in Argentina doing the work of church planting!! May God bless you richly!

Here to serve,

Brian R. George and Family