Brian and Liesl George Prayer Letter:  My Dad Is With His SaviourI’m still in the United States. I came to the States with my sister Priscila to visit my dad, as his health was going down really fast. Our flight was scheduled for our return trip to Argentina on the 30th of July. The government of Argentina completely closed the borders because of the COVID situation. This closure went into effect on the July 1 and will end, hopefully, on the October 1. All the airlines had to cancel most of their flights. The government did allow 600 people to come into Argentina per day, so only one flight per day was allowed from the U.S. In the past on any given day, 7,500 would come and go out of Argentina. This affected my return to Argentina. I’m very anxious to get back to my wife, family, and ministry. So far, seven of our flights have been canceled. Please pray for our return to Argentina.

Praise the Lord! I was able to spend a lot of time with my dad, taking him to his doctor’s appointments, church, etc. My dad had an aggressive cancer in three different parts of his body. All the reports from his doctors were not good. On Friday, August 20, my brother Darrell and I took dad to visit his cancer doctor. The doctor gave a poor report and requested that we put dad on hospice care immediately. On that visit, I was with my dad as they gave him a blood transfusion and iron. He was at the cancer clinic all day. The next day, Dad was not feeling good and was very weak. It was hard to understand what he was saying. On Sunday morning, my dad woke up early. They brought his breakfast to his room, but he requested that they bring his breakfast to the dining hall so he could eat his breakfast with my mom. After breakfast, he lay down and went into a coma later in the morning. I was at church only three minutes away. I left the church with my sister Priscila and went to the nursing home. The nurses were checking his pulse but did not find one. He passed away at noon on Sunday, August 22, in Piedmont, Missouri. I praise the Lord for my dad and for what he stood for. He was always after souls. He loved his Lord and Saviour! He was also loved by many in Argentina since he started churches in the Buenos Aires area.

The work of church planting in Argentina continues to go forward. The Bible college and church have started a total of 23 churches since 1996. By faith, we will be starting many new churches in the next few years. Praise the Lord! I need to increase my faith!

I have been getting a lot of good reports from pastors all over Argentina about the Gospel tracts and Bibles that have been passed out. In our next letter, I will give more details. May God bless you richly!

Here to serve,

Brian Roy George