Bob Bowen Prayer Letter:  Soul-Winning Conference in Thailand“And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” (II Timothy 2:2)

The first week of June, I was joined in India by Missionary Andy Long. As one of my former college students in Texas, I’ve known him for nearly 25 years. Brother Long has been working in Nagaland for nearly one year, and he was the recipient of the container of Bibles we shipped to India last December. In less than six months, he has distributed 80% of the 54,000 Scriptures. Over 400 people came to Brother Andy’s home seeking a Bible, and he personally led over 300 of them to Christ. Needless to say, we are in need of another shipment of Bibles to India.

Brother Andy and I preached at Chil Chil Baptist College, where we distributed over 1,200 whole Bibles to students and staff. The last six days spent in India, I personally preached 16 different times to over 4,600 people; more than 2,000 received Christ as Saviour. It was the first time many of them had ever heard the Gospel.

Brother Andy and I preached several times in two different days at a Catholic school, going from classroom to classroom being personally accompanied by the head priest and nun. They were thrilled that the students were hearing what they called “a better version of the Gospel.” Praise the Lord!

I flew back to Bangkok to assist Pastor Eddie Arold in preparation of his Soul-Winning Conference June 10-14. I was given the responsibility as a host and was in charge of transporting 30 men of God attending the conference from 9 different nations: Africa, India, Laos, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, the United States, Mexico, and the Philippines.

I had the privilege to host Pastor Chad Owens and Evangelist Freddie Reed for that week. Pastor Owens and his church have been greatly used of God to help with the cost of shipping many of our containers to Asia and India over the past 10 years. What a blessing he has been to our work!

Pastor Curtis Hall and his daughter Aleah and my granddaughter, Rachel Chitty, arrived on June 9 for a stay of two weeks. Rachel has had a desire to visit Thailand for several years but had never had the opportunity until now. We were in church meetings, soul winning, and teaching nearly every day and every night. I thank God for Rachel’s willingness to come and serve alongside her grandpa. She went soul winning, taught classes, and was a blessing to many. The people loved her. We were very busy, but we had a great and rewarding two weeks together. Our grateful thanks to each of you who made this trip possible for Rachel.

Pastor Hall and his church have been a tremendous help in providing funds for our containers as well. It was a joy to be able to introduce Pastor Owens and Pastor Hall to many converts and men of God who have received a copy of God’s Word free of charge. They were able to see the “fruit of their labor” because of people like you with a willingness to give.

Dr. Mike Mutchler was the featured speaker for the Soul-Winning Conference. Teaching every day and preaching every night was the order of service for five days. I introduced Teaching All Nations to 10 new men of God during the week the first hour of the day—what a blessing!

June 15-22, Pastor Hall, Aleah, and Rachel flew with me to Mae Sot to conduct a missions conference for Pastor Emmanuel Sinoy. Pastor Sinoy has a Thai church and a Burmese church, an orphanage, and a Bible college. He is the main distributor for Burmese Bibles in that part of the world. We had a wonderful time preaching about missions. Saint Jomhong preached to the Thai church, while Pastor Hall and I preached to the English and Burmese.

I have known Saint Jomhong since 1999, when he was just a little boy. Saint just completed his master’s program in Texas and is home in Thailand for the summer. He plans to return to Texas to complete his PhD and then raise support to be a missionary in Thailand. He has given his life to preach the Gospel in his home country of Thailand. A national reaching a nation is still the best way to reach the people with the Gospel.

One of the highlights of our trip to Mae Sot was to visit one of the Burmese refugee camps in Northern Thailand. There are over 400,000 refugees in 14 different camps. Revival Baptist Church was organized over 20 years ago by believers who fled Burma. We delivered Scriptures to this church, and they will in turn distribute Scriptures to about 25 other churches inside other camps. Because of the very difficult situation, there is no other way to accomplish this without the local church inside the camp. Thank God for these strong believers who are willing to do God’s work.

Rachel and Aleah both especially enjoyed being with the orphans in Mae Sot. Both wanted to be a blessing and provided food to feed all the kids. Needless to say, they were loved by all.

My warehouse in Rangsit, Thailand, is once again empty. The need is great. We must continue to send Scriptures to these dear people. Would you please pray for God to provide the funds needed to print and ship more Bibles? I brought back with me a bag full of thank-you notes from believers who have received a Bible. Please pray about what God would have you do to help. The price of a Bible is US$8.00. Every US$4.00 that I am able to raise, BEAMS will match that amount. It is impossible to reach a nation for Christ without the Word of God. When you send a Bible to Southeast Asia or India, you are sending a missionary to those people. God’s Word will not return void.


42 – days (May/June)
45 – times preaching personally
8,971 – total attendance where I preached the meetings
3,289 – total saved during my services
Over 100 – called to full -ime Christian service
20 – baptisms

*Preached and/or taught in local churches, schools, colleges, orphanages, conferences, and a Burmese refugee camp

*Personal soul winning

*Introduced TAN (Teaching All Nations) to 12 new missionaries from 10 different nations

This was all made possible because of your prayers and your financial support to our ministry.


Bob Bowen
Philippians 4:13